Self-Perceptions of Gifted Readers

A Research Proposal

Research Question, Rationale, and Past Research

How do high, middle, and underachieving gifted students perceive themselves as readers when receiving teacher assistance during reading instruction?

  • Past studies have centered around self-efficacy during independent task completion.
  • Researchers have suggested a need for further research, in which reading instruction and the teacher are considered as additional aspects which contribute to the self-efficacy of students at different achievement levels.
  • Specifically, there is a need for understanding if and how instruction affects gifted students’ sense of efficacy, when the teacher is providing assistance to aid in learning a skill.

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  • Three third grade female students who are gifted readers.
  • Part of the same gifted reading/language arts classroom of 25 students.
  • Katie* is an underachiever, Samantha* is a middle achiever, and Dawn* is a high achiever (* pseudonyms)
  • Chosen as collective cases through which we can gain information regarding self-efficacy as it relates to teacher assistance during instruction.

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Methodology: Collective Case Study

  • A collective case study involving Katie, Dawn, and Samantha, as they progress throughout their third grade year in the gifted reading/language arts classroom.
  • Purposefully selected as a sample to explore the phenomena, gain an understanding of how gifted students of differing achievement levels perceive themselves during assisted instruction, and make empirical generalizations to the larger population.
  • The information gained from this study can then be used to inform teaching, making teachers generally more aware of gifted student self-perceptions.

Examples of data to be collected:

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What do I hypothesize?

  • Low achieving students have lower self-efficacy than higher-achieving students during assisted instruction.

What does this imply?

  • Determine if students with low self-efficacy have specific wants or needs in terms of being assisted.
  • Teachers can utilize the wants and needs of these students to help boost their self-efficacy and sense of achievement and ability.


Research Proposal by kmb722