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Tips for Applying for Scholarships

Be Organized

Maintain a calendar of scholarship applications and their due dates. Make sure you note if the deadline is a postmark deadline or a received by deadline.

Make copies of everything you send.

Follow instructions carefully: send only what is requested and proofread everything, then proofread again and have someone else proofread it.

Don't exaggerate your grades memberships, skills, or qualifications. Ask yourself if each item truly represents time and effort spent on your part.

Always, always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS type or computr generate your application unless the application specifically indicates that you are to respond in your own handwriting. Copy/paste from a word document if you can.

Don't Forget to THANK Your Donor!

When you receive a scholarship you need to remember to send a thank you note or letter to the people who make the scholarship possible. Here are some tips to make that easier.

Address the letter to the donor. It is always best to find out exactly who is responsible for giving you the scholarship.

DO NOT include the $ amount of your scholarship in the letter.

Check spelling nd grammar! Don't just rely on spell-check.

Here is a sample letter:

Dear (insert donor names), (DO NOT write Dear Donor)

Paragraph 1: Thank your donor for your scholarship. Explain why itis important to you. Explain your major and why you chose it.

Paragraph 2: Talk about where you are from, your interests and extracurricular activities, family, why you chose to attend the school you are chosing.

Paragraph 3: List information about your career goals and anticipated graduation date, honors and awards you have received, classes you have taken and are excited to take.

Thank you, again for the scholarship.


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