Environmental Study Project

Arianna Sanchez, period 3, ms.kibbey


in my community there is a lot of Spanish people. I am Brazilian american and puerto rican. I celebrate all holidays except for Hanukkah Kwanzaa and three kings day. on holidays or special events my family eats rice and gandules, patellas, flange, potato salad, ext. My type of music is reggae ton, bachata, ext.


The temperature in Florida can get to 49 degrees fahrenheit to 92 degrees fahrenheit.the total rain falls in Florida is 52.80. This affects the lives of residents because they have to carry an umbrella a lot,and they don’t know when it might be cold or warm.




our wildlife has panthers, birds, fish, manatee, deer and etc.the animal that I find most fascinating in florida is their monkeys like the latino blotter, they are small and CUTE. we also have harmful and safe areas. some safe areas are everglades and our woods. some harmful areas are woods near factories and woods near construction areas.


The first I am gonna talk about is the founder , the person who found Florida is Juan Ponce de Leon ,he found Florida in 1513.The second thing I am gonna talk about is the current population size and the original population size,the current population size is 19,317,568 in 2012, the original population is 34,730 in 1830.

natural disaster

In the past ten years there has been thunderstorms and lightning, floods, hurricanes, drought, extreme heat.thunderstorms and lightning are when it has of a lot thunder and lightning going on, floods is when it rains and the water builds up and stays there for a while. A hurricane is an extreme storm, a drought is when it does not rain for a while,and extreme heat is when it is very hot.

Natural Disaster Preparedness List:

1. packed cloths

2. first aid kit

3. packed can foods

4. flash light

5. medicine

6. water

7. umbrella

8. soap and shampoo


in florida we have duplex, apartment, 1 story,and 2 story housing.the sports we have are baseball ,football, basketball and ext.most spanish people live here.our most famous attractions are universal, disney world ,seaworld and ext.

overall reflection

what I like about my community is that I have a lot of friends and I a lot of fun. what I hate about my community is that the weather always changes so quick. all of these things make up my community because without it I would not be who I am.