Computer Programmer

By:Frank Castro

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Computer Programmers write code that create software programs. They team up with software developers using their program design and making it into instructions a computer read and follow.

Daily life

You make a software program and have to check if there is any bugs and if there are bugs you have to go back to the code and fix it. Its like solving a big puzzle.

Education and Training

To become a Computer Programmer you go to college for your bacholers in Computer Science but you still can get hired with an associates degree. You can learn code a lot easier now with a tool called the internet. A way to help is becoming an intern for a software devolper.
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Job Skills

Computer Programmers are able to consentrate on their work, have good analytic skills, and have good trouble shooting skills.

Job Outlook

The job growth is estimated at 8% from 2012-2020. in 2012 343,700 employed jobs where out their the projected job out look in 2020 is 372,100, a 28,400 increase.

Starting salery

The avarge starting salery is $43,640.
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Work environment

it can be in cubicles and it can be anywhere because of advancements in technology making it possible to code from any where in the world.The only down side is companies can hire out of country where the pay is lower for a job.But the upside of that is that you can share your ideas even if it is a different language.

Carrer connections

High school preparation

Classes that can help out with this ocupation are TSI (Technical suport intern) and AP Computer science. TSI is really good for any job really and AP Computer Science will help you get any coding related ocupations.Two Clubs that can help out are Computer Club and App developer club because of their involve ment with computers and coding. A way to help you secure a job is to become an intern for a company that develops software.
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Three teachers that can vouch for me

  1. Mrs.Nix - One of the art teachers she was my graphic design teacher and her class had a lot to do with getting work in on time.

  2. Mr.Tazic-He teaches AP Euro but hes my access teacher so he knows how i am doing academically.

  3. Mrs.Martire shes one of the tsi teachers and she is my entrepreneurship teacher she sees how motivated i am in what i do.

Post-Secondary plans

Three colleges that i picked are U of I Urbana Champaign, ,and university of california berkeley because of how good they are they are ranked top 5 Computer Science major schools in the country. Computer Science and related majors are the best to take for this occupation. The more Coding Languages you learn the more you get paid and have ease finding a job.
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