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My Journey

About two years ago I attended my first professional development for integrating technology. Aside from being intimidated, feeling lost and overwhelmed, I left knowing that digital learning was for me. At the end of the session I was asked to illustrate what was keeping me from "stretching" myself and growing as an educator. I so badly dreamed of the day I could offer my students a more engaging environment and teach new concepts with new tools. I didn't know how to get there. I didn't know where to start. Today, I am definitely a lot closer thanks to my colleagues and our digital learning communities.
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About this community...

This wiki was designed and created for the digital cohort members in my school district. We used this platform to store our learning journals, upload lesson plans, offer peer feedback, collaborate on team building exercises, and upload student work samples. I have to admit, at first this process of updating and reflecting seemed tedious and unimportant. As crazy as it sounds, I couldn't foresee how investing my time into this learning hub could be of any benefit. Today, I am beyond grateful for all of the efforts put in by every member of our cohort because every piece is a reflection of our growth. Although I do not frequently add new posts to my learning journal, I still use this wiki as a source of reference. I revisit my colleagues lessons, reread our vision statements and our attempts to recreate lessons with SAMR in mind.

About this community...

The purpose of my professional Twitter profile is to share student work with our community and other educators across the world. It's quite amazing to show students that someone can make a connection to their work which was created inside the classroom. I also frequently use this platform to learn about the latest tools for collaboration. Twitter helps me to communicate with developers to gain a better understanding of the tool's functionality and capabilities. My students often have suggestions and questions about app functions and I often get immediate feedback via Twitter. I also follow several educators across my district and just recently began to network outside of Houston. My favorite part about this is that I can see the efforts made by my colleagues to integrate technology daily. I often reach out to educators to learn about their experiences. This is an exciting tool that is very new to me. I think Twitter is my favorite online community because the information I gain is current and relevant to collaboration and engagement.

Growth & Inspiration

Collaborative learning and engagement are consistent goals in a digitally integrated classroom. I make an effort to offer students an environment where they are encouraged to take control of their own learning. I am on mission to connect with as many educators who share the same philosophy so that I may grow and inspire others.


4th grade ELA/SS Teacher

Monahan Elementary

Sheldon ISD