Child Obesity

child obesity

It Says, I say, And So

It says "today's children will be the first generation for some time to have poorer health outcomes and a shorter life expectancy than their parents."

I say: I think this is sad and it is mostly our fault. Us children choose to be on our devices all day instead of being with friends and being active. Our parents generation were much more active because they didn’t have devices. Going out was what they did for fun. For my generation staying in talking with friends online or being on Social Media is our definition of fun. Parents work and sometimes they can’t cook healthy things for their children so they buy them unhealthy snacks from stores. Why I chose this quote. I chose this quote because I think it is weird but also it make sense. I think its weird because now days we have a lot medicine and we are constantly being told that we should be healthy and what to eat but that isn't working.

And so: I think this means that we shouldn't use our devices all day. We should have a time limit. After that time limit is over we should go play outside with our friends. Also we shouldn't eat so much junk food. We should make our own lunches but make them healthy. Maybe a sandwich with vegetables and meat and an apple,orange or whatever fruit.