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Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name Services

Is There a Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name Service?

As a convention we are used to the idea of searching phone numbers by making use of names and addresses. At times, however, we receive calls from unknown callers that gets us wondering about the owner of the phone number. It is not always a stranger calling from unknown numbers, it can be someone you missed to save in your contacts. Whatever may be the reason, in today’s technologically advanced world, finding a free reverse phone lookup by name service is achievable.

A phone number is registered to an entity, a person or a business and with enough tools at your disposal, you can technically retrace the owner of the phone number. On paper, it sounds easier, but in reality reverse phone lookup is not as easy as finding a number in a phone directory. Privacy of phone number connected personal details is important and phone service providers do their best to keep it that way. You don’t have a chance to get any satisfactory information about a phone number from telephone companies unless its a landline number. Tracking mobile phone and VoIP numbers is even more challenging.

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Best Completely Free Search Phone Number Owner Services

There are paid services that offer you reverse phone lookup, but as the communication industry is expanding and maturing, more and more free reverse phone lookup with name services are coming into existence.

Let’s take a look at what all reverse phone lookup options are available for you.

Reverse Phone Lookup-How It Works

Landline number owners are the easiest to track as their details are available in phone directories. The mobile phone numbers are not that easy to track as the competing mobile operators do not easily allow reverse lookup apps or sites to crawl or gather their database information. It is in these databases that most of the information connected to the respective phone numbers is stored.

Most reverse phone lookup website and app crawlers, extract information from telcos database and public directories. This is how they perform the reverse search.

Reverse lookup for payphone numbers

It is not necessary that you always receive a spam call from landlines or mobiles, payphones are also used for making abusive calls by anti-social elements. There are many community-run public directories that allow you to reverse lookup payphones and their location. As these directories are community updated, the information available in them can have limited accuracy.

Payphone Project and McPayphone are two most popular websites for payphone reverse lookup.

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Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Number

Reverse Phone Lookup Services for Landlines

To track public numbers you can make use of 411 directories. These directories have the publicly-available information that helps with reverse phone lookup. The information in these directories can include the service name and location of the owner.

If you are trying to locate the owner of a landline phone number using tools other than 411 directories, then here are some online services that can help you find the information you may be looking for. While most of these sites work well for tracking numbers belonging to the United States owners, tracking number from other parts of the world can get difficult.

To get started if you received a call on your landline number, you can dial *69 to know the phone number from which the call was made. However, this service won’t provide you the landline numbers that are private or being blocked.


Not only for landline numbers, but to an extent for mobile phone number tracking, is the most commonly used tool. The website offers you a free reverse phone lookup with number online. There are other options for tracking the phone number with a name, address and other public information. For tracking mobile phone numbers you should always select the reverse phone lookup option as other options don’t give any satisfactory information.

There are more than 200 million entries in Whitepages’ database and chances of finding the owner of a landline phone number are very high. There is an Android app of the website that can be used for reverse phone look up too.


This web service is not a completely free reverse lookup of mobile phone numbers. It only has the landline phone number entries. The only reason to include this service, is the efficient algorithm that allows you to reverse search its directory.

Reverse Phone Lookup For Mobile Numbers

As mentioned before, getting owner information related to cell phone numbers is challenging. But there are some solutions that can help you track down the owner of a mobile phone number.

Mobile Apps

TrueCaller is one of the most extensively used caller ID tracking service for mobile phones. This app has a directory of over 2 billion phone numbers and data about their owners. Most of the numbers in the directory of this app are Asian. For tracking the owner of international phone numbers, TrueCaller is one of the best free reverse phone lookup services.

For tracking the US mobile phone number owners, you can use apps like Hiya, Call Control, Mr. Number and Should I Answer.

These apps are the most reliable sources for mobile phone number reverse lookups because they feed their databases with information from contact lists of their users. They also make use of communication networks to intelligently extract meaningful information linked to mobile phone numbers.

Activate Call Tracing

Most mobile service providers offer the option to activate call tracing for blocked numbers. Usually, service providers allow this service in case of harassment situations. It is a paid service and you personally don’t receive any information about the caller instead the relevant tracking data is sent directly to law enforcement agencies.

These are the common ways to find the owner of a phone number on your own, in direct situations you may need help from law enforcement.