ECA Store Guide

Getting Started

The first thing that you will need to do is join TripleClicks as a free member then fill in and submit anECA Application Form. When you are filling in the form you will be asked what type of products you will be selling I sell gadget, gifts, electrical good, and accessories for the home, garden and car.

If you are already selling goods online you will be asked for you web site address and details about your store. If you are new to selling goods then you will need to purchase a New Sellers License for a small one-time payment from the TripleClicks store.

4 Million Potential Customers

The membership base of TripleClicks is now over a staggering 4 million worldwide which means your store will get fantastic exposure. Every item you list an item on your store it will also show on the Tripleclicks main store so you will have a store within a store it you know what I mean.

Store Managment

Market your ECA store online with places like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and by creating a blog about your store, these are all free marketing methods.

Payment Method

I myself use Paypal because TripleClicks and most of the drop shipping companies use them as well. The customers that come to your store have a choice of how to pay TripleClicks for their order. Then you will get paid every Thursday for the last 7 days of sales Accumulated directly into your Palpal account.

You can shop, buy, play games, go to auctions, save money, earn money...