Welcome to Secondary School

Upcoming Transition Meeting

What is a Transition Meeting?

The transition to Secondary School is a major change for all children. This change into the "unknown" can cause a lot of stress or anxiety, should you and your child be unprepared. The purpose of this transition meeting is to:

(a) Outline the details of a transition plan that will be prepared for your child

(b) Discuss the potential changes in support and routine your child will see in secondary school

(c) Discuss any concerns you or your child may have as graduation approaches

Meet the Transitional Planning Team

This meeting will be attended by our principal, your child's teacher(s) and support staff that are involved in meeting your child's IEP goals and needs.

The Transitional Planning Team is complete by you and your child! In fact, you're integral to the process!

**Should your child require professional services (i.e. a psychologist), they too are part of the process

Strategy for Transition Plan

Once the team (consisting of the student, parents/guardians, teachers, special education teachers, educational assistants and principal) meets, they will develop a transition plan. This plan will:

-Utilize non-teaching professional reports and suggestions.

- Include specific steps and details with deadlines and strategies

- Possibly contain alternative expectations that teach social skills related to post-secondary goals

- Be revised throughout the school year, particularly to changes in your child's needs

OCDSB Transition Guide Document

Click the button to read more on how your child's teachers are helping with the transition process.

Purpose of the Plan

In education, we look at the whole student - academically, socially and behaviourally. In order for your child to achieve success in academics, we need to ensure minimal issues in social/behavioural. This plan will help your child cope with changes to daily routine, classmates, activities, etc. It is in essence, a blueprint that we begin, and that your child's secondary school educators continue to work with.

Think of this analogy. We are the writers of a play, where your child's secondary school educators are the actors. We need to make sure the script makes sense for them to have great performances!

I look forward to meeting with you!

Farzad Mirza, grade 8 teacher

Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 9pm

Awesome Elementary School


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