Samurai Equipment

by: Adam Rogres and ryan the ryan


the katana was 23-28" with a curved single blade so that it could be pulled out of the scabbard and swung in one swift motion. It had a long handle and was two-handed the samurai favored this sword
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Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword


the wakizashi was a single sided short-sword that was 12"-24" and was used to behead or preform suppuku (ritual suicide) the samurai would keep this sword with him every where and would even sleep with the sword.
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Samurai Fight Scene


the Ō-yoroi is an armor that was mostly worn by higher ranking samurai on horseback. It was heavy and did not allow much movement it was no longer favored by the 15th century where they found better armor to use
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the dō-maru was basically the lighter version of the Ō-yoroi it was use on foot and was worn by the lower ranking samurai. but was starting to be used by the higher ranks
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the Yumi was a samurai's bow and was of 2 meters tall and was an important weapon in warfare it was extremely derped and had a really big top arch.
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Japanese Bow: Shooting the Yumi


The yari is a Japanese straight headed spear where its blade was anywhere from several centimeters to 3 feet there were used a lot in battle for there long range and eventually the samurai used them more than bows.
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The Naginata is a spear but with a curved single edged blade that was 30 to 60 cm it's basically the spear form of a katana. there was also the ko-Naginata for females fighters which was just a smaller Naginata.
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Kusari fundo

the kusari fundo was a non leathel weapon mostly used by samurai police it was considered a concealed weapon usually used for self defense.
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Peter The 68th

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How To Be SAM-urai

How to be a Samurai Warrior!