Biology-Jude Gomez



Photosynthesis is the process of converting light energy into chemical energy.

The Process

In order for photosynthesis to happen the plant will need a few ingredients. Sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. These ingredients will convert into glucose and oxygen. This conversion is possible by the light energy being chemical energy.

Photosynthesis's most popular actors

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Cellular Respiration

Hello again, what I am about to explain is actually a really good buddy with photosynthesis. Keep reading to find out how.

AHHH Chemicals

Cellular respiration has a lot of chemicals that it needs to work. Here they are: ATP, Carbon Dioxide, Water, NAD+, NADH, Pyruvates, and Glucose. In order for this to happen in the first place is the Calivin cycle.(performed after photosynthesis) At the end of this cycle the glucose made in photosynthesis is then transferred to a mitochandrion so it can make ATP. If oxygen is included the mitochandrion will undergo glycolysis. If no oxygen is included there will be NAD+ and NADH involved to make fermentation.

Cellular Respirations"s most popular actors

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