by Paul Langan




The book the bully is about a 15 year old boy named Darrell and he lived in Philadelphia but he had to move to California because his mother found a better job. The only people they know are Darrell Uncle Jason , his cousins, and his aunt. Now it is has been about 2 months that he has been in California and he goes to Bluford high.His friends are Harold and Amberlyn, his bully is Tyray he has to pay Tyray money every Friday. A few weeks later Darrell started reading the book Hachett because he told his favorite teacher what is going o and he knows how Darrell feels. When Darrell finished the book he finaly realizes why he gave him that book and now Darrell is not putting up with Tyrays non-sense. During the dance on a Friday Amberlyn and Darrell go to the dance together and darrell dose not give Tyray his money and then they got in to a fight and darrell win and Tyray is suspended for bulling.

Darrell character analysis

Darrell is a weak, skinny and short boy who wants to be strong. He wants to be stronger and bigger so he won't be scared of Tyray anymore .

these images are a few thing that helped Darrell build his confident because at first he was scared and now he is not because of these things.


Paul Langan is a Philly baby and was born in 1972. His mother was a single mom and Paul had to work alot to help his mom with money problems. He worked at a warehouse, a stock person,a shoe store worker,and more so yhea he was a hard working guy.
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What Bullying Has Done To Riley - Girl Meets World - RileyTown


I am comparing Girl meets world with the bully because this specific episode reminds me of the bully. Well the characters the really stand out is : LUCAUS, RILEY, MYA, FARKEL, THE BULLY,AND A NOTHER FRIEND THAT I CANT REMEMBER. But any way Riley is getting bullied and she is not telling anyone but finally she stands up for herself and tells the bully " This is Riley town..." and then the bully walked away and said nothing. comparison was scared in the beginning and gained confidence at the end.


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