Weekly Email Update 1/13

Helloooo Everyone :-)

Midterm Exams!!!

Midterm Exam Schedule

Tuesday, January 20th -
Period 1 - 7:30am - 9:00am (P.E/Health)
Period 2 - 9:15am - 10:45am (English)

Wednesday,January 21st -
Period 3 - 7:30am - 9:00am (History)
Period 4 - 9:15am - 10:45am (Math)

Thursday, January 22nd -
Period 5 - 7:30am - 9:00am (Science)
Period 6 - 9:15am - 10:45am (Elective)

Friday, January, 23rd -
Period 7 - 7:30am - 9:00am (Academic Literacy)
Make-Ups 9:15am - 10:45 (by prior arrangements with teachers)

Exam Procedures

* Students must be in school at the assigned times for exams. Students are not allowed in the corridors during exams.

* Once a student enters an exam room, he or she must remain there until the end of the exam period. No hall passes will be issued.

* The only acceptable excuses for missing exams are those approved by an administrator, such as a funeral or documented medical excuse (doctor’s note).

* Students who miss exams due to an unexcused absence must receive approval from an administrator to take the exam and will be penalized 10 percent per calendar day after the regularly scheduled date of their exam.

* Students must turn in their textbooks and are responsible for paying for lost texts. If lost, payment should be made prior to exam day so that exam time will not be interrupted.

* The WWHS Electronic Device’s Policy is fully enforced during the entire exam period.

*Lunches will be served from 10:45 - 11:05 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Buses will leave at 11:10 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and will leave at 9:15 on Friday.

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Quarter 2 Ends and Report Cards will be RELEASED!

Distributed on____Tuesday, February 3rd in Advisory Class

Coming up....

Grade Level Assemblies:

Held in WWHS Auditorium during advisory period

Juniors - Fri. Jan. 16

Sophomores - Tue. Jan. 27

Freshmen - Fri. Jan. 30

Parent School Council Meeting - Thursday, January 15th, 6:00pm

Wednesday, January 14th at 6pm, all parents of Seniors are invited to attend the College Goal RI event, where seniors and their families can receive assistance with the college financial aid process, including the completion of the FAFSA form, which is required for all students seeking financial aid. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY HELPFUL RESOURCE!

**NO SCHOOL this Monday 1/19 (MLK Day)

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This week in our classroom....


The rest of this week we will be preparing for our midterm exam. Students will be given a study guide tomorrow and will need to complete it by Friday. They will have a good amount of class time to get started. We will review the study guide as a class. Students will be able to use their notes and study guide on the midterm exam!


On Thursday, students have a vocabulary quiz on the 5 words from our "Word of the Week". Please see my classroom website for an additional copy of the vocabulary terms.

We have put our reading of "The Great Gatsby" aside for the time being and will pick up right where we left off after exams. We will be taking the extra period to finish up with "A Christmas Carol". For the English exam, students will be given a writing prompt and will simply have to write a 5 paragraph essay in response to it. It is a persuasive essay, which means students will need to persuade their readers to agree with the argument/opinion they are presenting. Students will be given an example of this type of essay and will be given further instruction on Friday to better prepare them for the exam.


Students are continuing to finish taking notes on chapter 20 (WWI) and will receive the study guide for the exam within the next two days. Students will have time in class to begin working on their study guides and will too be able to use them on the exam, as well as their notes.

Academic Literacy:

Students will continue to read/finish this week the novel, "A Christmas Carol", we are ALMOST done. There will be homework assigned tomorrow (Wednesday night). For the exam, students will be assessed on their basic knowledge of the story. It has multiple choice questions, short answer, and one short constructed response. Students will be able to use their books and any notes and worksheets that have been passed back.


Students will not be given a exam, but will be completing a full review packet of everything that has been taught thus far. Students will be able to use their notes for this graded assignment.


****Please note that students MUST bring a silent reading book to school every day during the week of exams. Students are not allowed to use their chromebooks during exams in my classroom and will need to read quietly if they finish early.

****Also, students will be given their P.E exam during the period 1 slot, and will be given their elective class exam during the period 6 time slot. Please email elective teachers with specific questions about their exams, should you have any. If you would like to touch base with the P.E teacher, his email is mailto:SLagor@westwarwickpublicschools.com

If you have any trouble reaching the elective teachers, please let me know and I will contact them as well or give you any contact information that you may need.

As always, visit the classroom website for up-to-date HW, classwork, due dates and important reminders!

Have a fabulous rest of your week!!