Oyster Aquaculturist

Raisin' Oysters

What is an Oyster Aquaculturist?

An Oyster Aquaculturist is a person who raises oysters for human consumption.

What's it like being an Oyster Aquaculturist?

Education, Salary, and Advancements

More on Oyster Aquaculture

Positive results from oyster aquaculture

  • Relieves pressure on land-based protein sources.
  • Oysters provide water quality maintenance
  • Oysters provide shoreline protection and sediment stabilization
  • Oysters provide nutrient cycling.
  • Provides an amazing food!

Pros and Cons of being an Oyster Aquaculturist


  • Flexibility
  • Outdoors
  • Variety


  • The need to be on the political defensive.
  • Challenging to build a business in an environment that is always in flux.