Mesoamerica Brochure

By Joshua Hanson

Specific Facts

Maya: They had 4 classes of government. They are:

1. Rulers

2. Nobility

3. Pheasants

4. Slaves

Maya: They farmed corn (Maize).

Inca: They had 2 classes of government. They are:

1. Nobles

2. Commoners

Inca: They farmed potatoes

Aztec: They had 3 classes of government. They are:

1. Nobles

2. Intermediates

3. Commoners

Aztec: They farmed cacao (Chocolate).

Farming Methods

Maya: Slash and burn and irrigation canals were both amazing systems. Slash and burn was when the would burn the leftovers of crops to gain nutrients in the soil. Irrigation canals were great for spreading water through the fields. Both were used to grow better crops.

Inca: Terraced-mountain irrigation was a system used to grow many crops and was used because it was hard to find a good amount of flat land for farming.

Aztec: Chinampas are Floating islands made out of Mud and a reed mat which plants are planted on.) They were used to grow loads of food because of its great location on a large lake.


Maya: A math system with a base of 20 but, also contained 0. They also invented an almost completely accurate calendar. These were important because it helped them understand things and also made life easier.

Inca: Suspension bridges and many medicines are a couple inventions they made but, all the inventions they made were important because they advanced their health and civilization.

Aztec: Chocolate, books, and popcorn were all important because they provided knowledge and food


Maya: The Mayan ball game was a game that supposedly gave the winning team fruitful crops and also great honor. The losing team would be a sacrifice to the gods. In the game the players could only hit the rubber ball with their knees, elbows, and hips. They did this to get a good harvest and to make sacrifices to the gods.

Inca: They Inca worshiped gods in temples a lot. The priest would perform prayers and rituals and they did this because they wanted good harvest from the gods.

Aztec: The Aztecs held many religious ceremonies. These ceremonies worshiped about 1,000 gods. The most important ceremonies worshiped the harvest gods. They performed these to worship their gods and celebrate a good harvest.