Monday Message 1-30-2023 & 2-6-2023

Dismissal Concerns

TeSA Families,

We've noticed an increase in homemade/missing car signs. If you need a new sign, please email tammy.smith@mytesa.org. These are printed with two signs on one paper so you have an extra for another car/driver. We are happy to print as many as you need. Our driveline procedure is for car signs to be hanging from the rearview mirror until AFTER your child is in the car. This helps us keep the flow of traffic and know we've matched the right student to the driver.

Additionally, there have recently been several 2nd-5th grade families arriving early and coming through the K-1st line prior to 3:45. Although we are sometimes able to grab an older student in transition, 2nd-5th students are still in class until 3:42. When vehicles have to pull up to the curb and wait on older children, this causes a safety concern for our walk-up students and cars pulling around to exit. Thank you for using the 2nd-5th lane until the sign is flipped around showing both lanes are open.

Artistically & Academically Yours,

Betsy Compton, M.A., M.A.T., M.Ed.


TeSA Report Card

The purpose of the school report card (SRC) is to inform parents and guardians about a campus’ individual characteristics and its academic performance. Districts and campuses receive an overall rating, as well as a rating for each domain. The rating labels for districts and campuses are as follows:

  • A, B, or C: Assigned for overall performance and for performance in each domain to districts and campuses (including those evaluated under alternative education accountability (AEA)) that meet the performance target for the letter grade.
  • Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365: Assigned in 2022 for overall performance to districts and campuses that do not meet the performance target to earn at least a C.

TeSA’s SRC may be located HERE.

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PTO Valentine's Dance

Saturday, February 11th from 5-7 pm @ TeSA

  • Tickets are $5 per person (for ages 2+) and must be purchased in advance online only.
  • Tickets go on sale Wednesday, Feb. 1st HERE.
  • Tickets include a slice of pizza, refreshments, and a Valentine's day treat!
  • Siblings are welcome.
  • Please plan to stay and dance with your student; no drop-offs please.
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5th Grade Flower Fundraiser

$1 Carnation Flower Fundraiser (formerly known as Candy Grams) will be for sale at school during lunch the week of Feb. 6th-10th, at the dance on Feb. 11th, and online HERE. You can write a special message to your Valentine on the tag! Flowers will be delivered during school on February 14th.

PTO Raffle

$3 Raffle tickets for a VIP experience at Seaquest Aquarium for 4 people (valued at $280) will be sold online HERE and at the dance. The raffle prize will be awarded at the dance on Feb. 11th!

Repeated Information

Letter from Paul Gravley

Dear TeSA Families,

Open enrollment has started! This is the beginning of hundreds of applications being turned in over the next few weeks for consideration of enrollment next school year! Students want to come because of you! So, thank you for all you do to make this an incredible place.

From the beginning, it has been my goal to increase the number of applications we receive for the school. Increasing applications serves two purposes: 1) it allows us to invite the most talented and artistically-promising students to be a part of the school and 2) candidly, allows us to fund the budget. More applicants mean the best of both worlds. We get more of the most talented and artistically- promising students.

We employ a marketing strategy which includes radio ads (currently playing), social media ads (Facebook, Google, and Instagram), print-ads (such as Fort Worth Magazine and Bass Hall), signs on the road, flyers (handed out to every car in the drive-line by TCA+A staff), PTO participation, announcements at performances, and more!

And, do you know the reason most people say they applied?! Close to 65% say it’s because of a current student or current staff member who told them about the school.

I would love your help with this. Can you tell someone you know who might be a good fit about TeSA’s open enrollment opportunity?

You can do this in several ways:

Like, Comment, and Share it on social media. Please say something like “we’d love to have you!” as a comment when you like it. Please share it to any and all pages, including groups you’re in (some highlights might include any art groups you’re a part of, neighborhood groups, such as Tanglewood moms, or Nextdoor!)

  • The enrollment post for Facebook is here.
  • The Instagram link is here.

Put the following signature in your email until February 13:

Open enrollment is going on now for TeSA for next school year! If you or anyone you know is interested in having their student apply for TeSA for the 2023-2024 school year, please visit this website for more information: https://www.artsacademics.org/apply/

Hand out the invite-flyers to prospective students, put them in a local coffee shop, church choir, etc. These postcards will be available in the front office.

Write an email to any connections you might have in the arts and school communities. Here’s a template you can use:

Hello! I just wanted to write a quick email to let you know applications for Texas School of the Arts (TeSA) are being accepted now through February 13. I thought you might be interested or know some folks who might be interested! I would love to see them at TeSA next year! The website to apply is: https://www.artsacademics.org/apply/

Oh, as an incentive, any parent who shares, likes, AND comments on the social media posts will be entered into a $50 Target gift card drawing to occur on February 14!

Whew! I know that’s a lot. And, all of what this great place has to offer depends on enrollment being successful each year! Without great students, there is no TeSA! Thank you for all you do to make this place magical!


Paul Gravley

President and CEO

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Our 2022-2023 TeSA yearbooks are on sale until March 10th. Order yours now through the Josten's website.

We are doing our best to include pictures of every student. If you've taken pictures on campus this year, please email them to your child's homeroom teacher to be considered for publication.

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Celebration Treats

Treats and small prizes are allowed for birthdays or other celebrations at school. Treats will be distributed by the teacher or designated volunteer at the teacher's discretion or at the end of the school day. Due to potential allergens, only non-food items or wrapped, labeled items are allowed.

TeSA can now help you celebrate! Our cookies are only 2 for $1.00! Cookies come in chocolate chip, carnival, or sugar. You can order all one flavor or a variety, and Ms. Denise and Ms. Clarissa will make sure they are delivered to your child's classroom.

To order, email denise.thomas@mytesa.org at least 2 days prior to your child's birthday or special event.

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Lost & Found/Replacing Uniforms

Did you discover that your student has missing uniform pieces? Check the Lost & Found in the lobby (just inside the second set of glass doors). A lot of items were added during the last week in December, including dancewear, winter hats, headbands and bows, lunch boxes, PE shirts, and lots of fleece jackets. If you don't see your child's item(s), you can post a message on Facebook asking if anyone accidentally took them home.

If the items don't turn up, check out these three places to purchase gently used items:

PTO Winter Coat Drive

Kids grow like weeds! You know that winter coat that fit a month ago, but is too small now... donate it to the TeSA Winter Coat Drive! Need a bigger-size winter coat? Take a coat from the box/rack in the lobby.
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Make Magic Happen

TCA+A’s Annual Campaign kicks off on February 1st with a goal to raise $50,000 in six weeks and we need help from you to make this happen. We know you all have extraordinary talents to offer, so if you would like to be part of our Annual Campaign efforts, please join us for our second committee meeting on Wednesday 1/25 at 11am via Zoom or contact gabrielle.galloway@artsacademics.org to let her know of your interest.

The Annual Campaign is 1 of just 2 fundraisers that TCA+A holds each year. Federal funding keeps the lights on at our charter schools, but it is TCA+A dollars that ensure a challenging and robust educational experience for all students. The Annual Campaign supports everything from classroom supplies, technology upgrades, costumes for our vast performances, transportation needs, and evidence-based curriculums so that we can provide one-of-a-kind instruction to all students. Visit our website for more information.

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If your child is unable to attend school for any reason, please email tammy.smith@mytesa.org. Students with any contagious symptoms may attend Remote Conferencing to complete schoolwork and earn daily attendance. Remote Conferencing helps our students, and helps TeSA by allowing us to count your child's attendance! Thank you for helping your child participate by providing a quiet environment in which they can easily see the screen and be seen by the teacher.

Remote Conferencing

Monday-Friday, 1:00-3:00 p.m.