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Facts about Michael Dell

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  • Michael Dell is the CEO of the computer company Dell

  • Michael Dell is an American business magnet, investor, and author.

  • Dell is one of the number on leading seller’s personal computers.

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  • In 1992, Micheal became the youngest CEO ever to earn a ranking of the fortune 500

  • In 1998, Micheal formed MSD capital, and in 1999, he and his wife established the Micheal and Susan Dell foundation to provide support for global causes

  • Today Dell is composed with more than 10,000 team members who serve the IT

  • Also Dell founded the company at the age of 19

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  • In college Dell founded Dell

  • On Dells first year, he had 6 million in sales and had offices in 34 countries with a count of more than 35,000 employees

  • Dells first 20 years, Dell was one of the most successful businesses in the world

  • And by the year 2000 Dell was a billionaire

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  • Dells parents wanted him to be a doctor

  • He went to the University of Texas

  • He dropped out of college to make the business

  • In his first month he sold 180,000 dollars worth of PCs

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  • Michael Dell was only 23 when his company had its IPO in 1988, and soon became a billionaire

  • His network is worth 18.6 billion

  • When Dell dropped out of college he founded DEll computer corp. ....., which soon became one of the fastest growing companies.

  • He is one of the wealthiest people in the world