Chris Dodd

For President

Commander in Chief

In the face of the rise of terrorism, we need a strong Commander in Chief. The first priority will be maintain peace; However, Dodd will be willing to utilize our forces and allies to face the growing threat of ISIS and other hostile states. Diplomacy is always the first option, but the purpose of terrorism is to instill fear, not to compromise their purpose for our safety. Dodd will react with force if necessary.

Head of State

As the Head of State, Dodd would be a dignified representative of America. From upholding every single tradition to honor our forefathers and country, Dodd would start new traditions such as the Annual White House Bingo for veterans, the Bicentennial Dr. Jean Throwdown, and an Annual Western Hemispheric Shindig where all representatives from all democracies in the Western Hemisphere can meet to discuss trade initiatives. As a deportment level gold certificate holder, Dodd will not let America down.

Chief Citizen

Dodd would be an exemplary Chief Citizen. Growing up, his nickname was "Abe Dodd" due to his psychological inability to lie. The American people will always be informed of government situations involving their well-being because first and foremost, the government is for the people and by the people.

Chief Executive

As the head of the bureaucratic branch, Dodd would appoint people with experience and potential to Cabinet and Agency positions. Dodd will give them the freedom to complete their work properly, but if their work produces results for anything other than the good of America, Dodd will quickly find the root of the problem and cut it. That includes the federal budget, which will be one of Dodd's first initiatives.

Chief Legislator

Dodd is willing to work with Congress to pass legislation that will benefit America. His key interests will revolve around economic policy, trade, and the threat of terrorist groups and other hostilities. Dodd has held elected office for the past 39 years and has made valuable connections throughout his life that will see his supreme wishes for the people passed.

Party Leader

As the head of the Republican Party, Dodd will work to embody the ideals of the Republican party. Although there are many different levels of conservatism in the party, Dodd will be able to unite them through his clear loyalty and dedication to preserving his party.

Chief Diplomat

Dodd believes in keeping the peace, which is accomplished through diplomacy and having strong allies. He will use executive agreements to take action when speed is of the essence, and diplomatic recognition for a time when many hostilities are aiming to become legitimate.


As a former Party chairperson, Congressman, and MPAA Chairperson, it is only logical that this capable and able 71 year old take on one of the most iconic seats in America: the Presidency. A former cancer survivor, Dodd has the strength to fight for the rights of the people and to take down any threats to America: internal or external.