Talking Numbers, Making Sense

An informal discussion about building numeracy

What's all the buzz about number sense?

Whether you're already using number sense routines and number talks in your classroom, or you've heard about them but still not sure how to get started, this will be well worth your time! Be an active participant and share with others how you've implemented number talks and how they've impacted your students' mathematical thinking. Or just come to listen and learn from others.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

District Office- Board Room


How do I give my students practice for just computation and fluency?

How do I build students' number sense without losing grade level instructional time?

Why can't they add/subtract/multiply/divide?

Why don't they know their basic facts?

What resources can I use so I'm not planning even more?

What questions do I ask if students don't know how to talk about numbers?