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CFMP (Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan)

I am writing on this topic today to encourage you to engage in this process. There were 4700 surveys completed, I hope yours was one of them. The executive summary containing survey contents will be out next week, please make sure to read and see if you feel Early Education or your other topics were represented. 500 people came out to participate in the Community Engagement series. The next Community Engagement series hopes to present a rough idea of a plan and take feedback/questions, you will want to get this on your calendar.

If you do not use your voice, please know that there is a VERY GOOD chance your voice will not have been heard.

October 8-11, mark a night on your calendar!! You have got to be there and speak for our smallest voices in LSR7!!

Jennifer Stevenson is serving on the CFMP district committee. We appreciate the MANY hours she is spending on this work.

Resilience Trailer - KPJR Films

Technology Support

Lesma Whalon wanted to let you know that she will be here every Wednesday at put in those tickets! I have found that if she is unable to complete your ticket, she then sends it to Gail Gryger.

18-19 Class List

This is the ONLY list I want you to work through....if you want to keep your own list, knock yourself out....but don't share it with the front office. Make sure you are keeping this very current. We are working on Core Data and this is the only place we can go for up to date information at this point. Very soon, we will have complete lists (that should match class lists) in PowerSchool!! "One list, and only one list"....say it with me!!


Parents in the Classroom/Volunteers

The Good News: Lots of you have been offering parents the opportunity to get parents involved in their child's classroom. We know that this will enhance their support of the school environment, their child views us as a team and is highly supported by research as an indicator of student success.

A few reminders: Set limits and expectations. Make sure that when you are coordinating with the parent, you are very clear about the "Why they are in the classroom" (Example: to lead a certain center at play time, to teach soccer foot skills at recess, to read a story and help with table time). You also need to be very clear about "When they are in the classroom" (Example: . Set up arrival and dismissal times for your parents. If you leave these two things open ended, this will end up as a parent shadow of a student for the entire DAY....which we do not allow.

The other thing to consider having a conversation about: How do you think your child will do if you show up here at school. Some of our parents know they should probably not come, but feel they have been invited and want to be supportive....let them off the hook if they know their child will be upset by their presence. You can send home things that need to be cut out, or ask them to send something in for a special project.

Have good conversation with parents prior to their time in the classroom and you will all benefit from their time here!!

**ALSO - please add parent volunteers to the "appointment calendar". The front office often turns parents away from your classrooms "I just need to talk to the teacher, I just wanted to see what they were working on, I just need a minute"....we very nicely tell them you are teaching, but if they really are supposed to be here, that would be rude of us....


Monday - Jeanie here, Kerry at MOCASE

Tuesday- Jeanie here, Kerry at MOCASE

Wednesday - both here

Thursday - Jeanie here, Kerry at PVE walk thru 11:00-12:30

Friday - Jeanie here, Kerry PM PDO