By: Rachel Burnett

The setting

The setting of this book is in the city of Chicago.

The Characters

Beatrice (Tris) Prior-Main character.

Tobias (Four) Eaton- Instructor to dauntless initiates

Caleb Prior- Tris' brother

Natalie/Andrew prior- Tris' Parents

Eric-Dauntless leader

Christina/Will/Albert (Al)- dauntless initiate, Tris' best friend

Peter/Molly/Drew-Dauntless initiate, Tris' enemy

Tori Wu- Aptitude test administrator, Tatoo artist

Jeanine Matthews- leader of Erudite

Uriah- Dautless born initiate, Tris' friend

Lauren-instructor to Dauntless born initiates




The City Of Chicago is divided into 5 factions,

Abnegation meant for the brave

Amity meant for the peaceful

Candor meant for the Honest

Dauntless meant for the brave

Erudite meant for the intelligent.

On a specific day each year, every 16 year old takes a test to help them decide which faction to join. Tris' test results were inconclusive so that makes her divergent. It also puts her in a lot of danger. Tris quickly gains friends and enemies when she joins dauntless and a lot of things start to go wrong.

Elements Of science fiction, Recommendation

Divergent is science fiction because it takes place in the future and has speculations.

This book is recommended to kids older than 10, and who like hunger games, and violence