Diamantina River


Where Is The Diamantina River Located?

The Diamantina is located in Birdsville, Queensland.

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Some Facts About The Diamantina River

The Diamantina River has 3,934 km2 of water. It is 900km long and the basin area is 157, 000. The Diamantina River is connected to 3 other rivers, those rivers are the Western River, the Mayne River and the Farras Creek. We can use hydropower to help this town.

How will the water convert into electricity?

First we would need to build a dam on the edge so the natural flow of water can get in. We will also need to build the sides of the dam so the water doessn't waste. There is reservoir to store the water that goes in. After that, the water from the reservoir flow through a turbine, spinning it. Then the spinning turbines activate a generator. The electricity made goes to electricity grid and into our homes power our electrical devices.

How will we might ovrecome anything that make our design stop working?

There are a few reasons. They are

1- it can cost a lot of money

2-The Diamantina River is flat

3-You would have to build weirs

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