Notes from the Social Worker

Tanya Metzgar, ECLC Social Worker


Not being able to go to school anymore may have you feeling down. It's been a while and we all miss our old routines and our sense of what's normal.

There are some fun parts to distance learning, like getting to sleep in a little and do school work in your pajamas! Some tough parts to distance learning are that you can't see friends and teachers everyday, and some days you may not feel like learning.

Distance learning is something new for most of us. Learning from a remote place like your house is very different from going to school to learn. Routines are different at home and that's ok, but it also may make us feel sad or anxious.

Distance learning may not be as fun as going to school with your friends and teachers but it's a necessary measure for now. We will be able to come back together at school once it is safe to do so! In the meantime, stay positive. Get outside and play when the weather permits and reach out to teachers whenever you need to. They miss you too!

Please read the Social Story attached below with your student to help them understand distance learning and all of the challenges and feelings that come along with it. Just being able to talk about feelings and fears with a trusted adult is sometimes all you need to do to feel better.

To our ECLC students - keep working hard, you are doing great and we all miss you like crazy!