Alcohol Abuse

by: Katie, Austin, and Carder

Ways to decrees alcohol usage and effects of someone using alcohol

You can use effective programs to prevent alcohol use among young adolescents.

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The ways that the alcohol would effect you would be traveling through the bloodstream, acting upon the brain to cause intoxication, and finally being metabolized and eliminated, principally by the liver. If overdosed and one does not receive medical help and lead to death. ("Alcohol abuse and," 2000)

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How family, culture, peers, and school effect you with Alcohol

If you were to grow up around a parent drinking a lot or heavily that might be something that you grow up thinking its ok to do so.

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The different types of alcohol and the attitude towards it varies with different cultures.Such diversity is not as apparent in contemporary American views of alcoholism, because alcohol problems are now widely considered to be primarily the result of an uncontrollable response to alcohol.

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If you had a friend that would drink heavily that also could be a pattern that you could slip into. If you see a friend get help that could also be beneficial to stop you from following their habits.

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In addition to educating students, schools should provide parents with tips for preventing underage alcohol use. Typically, schools provide parents with information such as "How to talk to your teen about alcohol".

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Showing alcohol on tv is showing actos having a good time with friends and it never shows the harm that it can cause in the long run.

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Showing Ads online on different websites or on social networking sites seeing your friends out having a good time.

Alcohol and effects

common barriers that can hinder healthy decision-making

We make mistakes when drunk just that people don’t care as much as they would if they were sober. People will also use the excuse that “ oh I drunk” for a good excuse. It’s not that people don’t care what they are doing it that they don’t seemed to be bothered by what they are doing.

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variety of healthy practices and behaviors that will maintain or improve the health of self and others

regular exercise, music

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