Slavery in America

By Maddie Kapler

The Lives if the Slaves

Slaves were Africans who were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. They were sold for profit as objects and not people. They worked in the fields of the settlers who had fields that needed to be worked on. It's because of those fields that slavery even started in the first place.

Slaves were treated badly and unfairly. They didn't get as good of food as the Americans did. Nor did they get much drink or sleep either. They were treated cruelly sometimes even beaten till they bled. They worked in fields and were sold off form their first owners at least once in their lives. Sometimes separated from their families who they were bought with. How sad to be separated from your spouse and children.

Harriet Tubbman and th Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubbman was a used-to-be slave. She was sold from her first owner and separated from her husband. Once she married him she took his name Tubbman and changed her first name to her mothers. She was well known for her use of the Underground Railroad. She brought slaved to freedom using it. She endangerd her life just to help slaves escape to north and in Canada by using that railroad. The southern Americas became aware of her good deeds and did not like it. Not at ALL. She gained a huge bounty on her head for a whopping 40,000$!!!!! To us today that's nothing , but back then that was like a million bucks. Heck even a penny was special to have.

In the span of ten years Harriet used the railroad. She had made 19 trips back and forth north and south to help free hundreds of slaves. She has been estimated to have saved about 300 slaves total. Isn't that amazing?

The Slaves Love for Music

Now who doesn't love music. No one I know that's for sure. It was the same for the African Americans. Whom people of the Americas called slaves and used as human tools.

To them music was bit of an escape. Music could have been used secretly as maps or plans of escape. Or sometimes were just a big way to describe how they felt emotional about their experiences. The songs they heard or sometimes wrote meant the world to them! Sometimes the music they heard was what kept them going as they bought and sold and resold and then rebought over and over again. Being seperated from family and loved ones and suffering hardships. Music was sometimes what helped them survive through it all!

Two specific songs they loved back then were "Follow the Drinking Gourd" and "Down the Moses." These songs were like maps of escape to the slaves. They involve rivers and suffering. Which means they also express how they felt. Music can really have a HUGE impact on our lives. If this isn't proof....I don't know what is!!!!