Plug Into Readiness at Piper School

PBIS January 2014

Good News!

Welcome back to school and happy new year, Piper Bears! The PBIS Team at Piper has been busy planning another fantastic cool tool for you. We've been looking at our numbers and we are happy to report that we had only 36 referrals in December!

Plug in to Readiness this Month!

What Does It Look Like?

We need to Be Ready with our computers and iPads charged and ready to go every single day! We also need to remember the appropriate way to use our computers and iPads at home. We use these tools to learn important things and practice what we learned at school when we do our homework. Let's all try to get a special Computer Bee for doing these things!

The REWARD for students with NO referrals for property misuse:


Monday, Feb. 3rd 2014 at 2pm

Classrooms at Piper School

Piper School PBIS Team

The PBIS Team looks at referral data each month in order to plan our next behavior focus and reward. Interested in joining the Team? Give us a call or email and let us know if you have any ideas!