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Weekly Update~Summer 2014 Course Development

April 7 -- April 13, 2014

Weekly Update #9 Time for a Course Copy

The summer semester is rapidly approaching and you should, by now, have access to your actual Summer 2014 course shell in your UBlearns course list. This week you will conduct a course copy and make your content available for student access.

Week 9 To-Do's

  1. Log-in to UBlearns and open the course which you have been using to build content (your Practice course, for example)
  2. Follow these directions to copy your developed content into your new (summer) course shell
  3. Make changes to your course menu (the main menu does not copy over in the course copy process). View the UBlearns directions for customizing the menu options for your course
  4. Adjust any dates to reflect the summer semester
  5. Set the enrollment date- this is the date in which your students will have access to your course
  6. Post a welcome announcement for your students
  7. Ensure that your syllabus is available and that any textbook requirements are explicitly stated

Next week we will look at three evaluation methods that you can use to self-assess your course.

Further Reading

Welcome Announcement: Paving a Path for Students’ First Steps toward Success
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