Grade 2A Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 6 Summer Term: 9th - 13th May 2016


This week in IPC the children have really enjoyed learning what Sustainability is. They now understand the 'compass' model and can recall some of the 17 sustainability goals. The children have decided how they would like to make a difference and we will be having a Chocolate sale in week 10 to raise money. The exact cause is yet to be decided.

Next week we continue with the science part of the unit. First we will carry out tests to learn which snacks are healthier for our teeth, Next we will plan and carry out a test to find out which materials are the best chocolate wrappers. We will re-cap our fair test skills and how to make conclusions.

Language Arts

We began the week planning our version of the Cinderella story. We used a story mountain concept to help the children plan the events and organise their thoughts in a logical order. In writers' workshop the children have written their story openings. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, the children will complete and edit their own stories into a polished finished piece.

In reading, we are continuing to use our 'Chocolate' books to work on our summarising skills. Children are being encouraged to note the key events in a chapter. Children with strong comprehension skills at this age will be able to summarise the key events of a story, rather than retell every detail. Children with weaker comprehension skills tend to try to retell every detail, unable to sift out the irrelevant details. The children are making good progress in this area.

This week's spelling has been focused on prefixes and their impact on the meaning of the word. The children were able to think of good examples, such as anti-freeze and non-fiction. They have been encouraged to create definitions of the different prefixes.


This week your child completed the unit on fractions. During the week, Grade 2A compared and ordered fractions with different denominators. They learnt to look at the denominator to find the smallest fraction nd then compare the numerator; the children were encourage to draw the fraction out in a bar or circle. Later on, they added and subtracted fractions of the same denominator and used simple models to show their understanding.

Next week, Grade 2A will begin their unit on Picture graphs. In this unit, the children will learn to read and interpret graphs of various scales. Next week, they will be focusing on reading and interpreting picture graphs with a scale of one progressing on to two (one picture equals one participation or object). They will then begin to record data collected by the whole class, creating their own picture graph.

Home Learning

All homework is now on our VLE, but usual routines still apply.

Please note that all unusual home learning tasks are explained to all children before they appear on the VLE. Please ask your child what they have been told to avoid unnecessary communication with class teachers.

Diary Dates

Monday 16th May - All monies to be paid for Chocolate trips

Monday 30th May - CDy to Anjali Chocolate

Wednesday 1st June - CDa to Anjali Chocolate

Friday 3rd June - RMu to Anjali Chocolate

Friday 17th June - End of academic year