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December 2020

New WVS Program Assistant

It is our pleasure to announce that CESA 9/WVS has hired Cheri Kidd to join the Wisconsin Virtual School team as our newest WVS Program Assistant. Cheri will be instrumental in providing frontline support for 200 school districts and more than 300 schools in Wisconsin.

She is up for the task as she brings excellent customer service experience, expertise, and technology skills to match. Cheri started on December 9th. Please welcome Cheri to CESA 9 and WVS!

Upcoming Student Orientation Meet and Greet Sessions

Please watch for more information and scheduled dates for upcoming Student Orientation & Meet and Greet sessions. These sessions are an excellent opportunity for your students to:

  • Socialize with online classmates
  • Ask others about their online learning experience, tips for being successful in this environment
  • Get tutoring help & support
  • Practice world languages or other course skills in an ungraded environment
  • Work collaboratively on class projects
  • Hear from a guest speaker or expert in the field

Guardians are also welcome to attend. The first session will be Tuesday, January 19th from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm via ZOOM.

Reminder - WVS Student Orientation

As of December 1, 2020, students will be allowed a maximum of five weeks in the WVS Student Orientation course.

Students who have been in the Student Orientation course for five weeks as of December 1st will be closed out of the course.

Should a student need to be reinstated in the Student Orientation course or be in the course longer than five weeks, please reach out to the

End of Semester and Looking forward....

End of Semester

  • End date changes and extensions: WVS allows students up to five months from their start date to complete each semester course. If the student's scheduled end date is currently less than the maximum and you'd like to give them more time (within the five months allowed), you can change the end date in Genius or contact WVS for assistance. Extensions are granted under the terms of our Extension Policy.
  • Student access to courses ENDS at 10:00 p.m. CST on the last day of their enrollment period.
  • Final exams: Most unit and final exams are password protected; please contact the online instructor a few days ahead to ensure you receive the password in time. WVS will not give passwords to students. Proctoring of exams is a district decision..
  • Final Grade Reports: If a final grade report is needed by a certain date, please make sure student end dates are set with enough time for the teacher to grade and complete the final grade report. WVS will process the grade report and email it as soon as possible. have access to the student's final grade in Genius once all work has been completed and graded. If the student isn't 100% complete and you need the final grade, please reach out to WVS for assistance.

Second Semester Information

  • The enrollment period for WVS is open until June 30, 2021. This means you can enroll students in a course at any time between today and June 30th, 2021. Please be aware that the start date you choose will be the first date the student will have access to their course and the first day of the WVS 28 day drop period.
  • Students do not have to take both semesters of a course through WVS. For example, if you had a student take Algebra I Semester 1in their face to face school, they would still be able to take Semester 2 through WVS.
  • Before creating a new student account, please do a search in Genius under "Students Tab" for an existing student account. Coaches only see students that are associated with them. If you don't see the student, but think they have taken a WVS course in the past, please contact WVS. This will help to avoid duplicate student accounts.
  • Even if a student is not enrolled in a WVS course, their account will remain "Active" in Genius. Please contact the WVS help desk for assistance on how to change the status of a students account.

Happy Holidays!!

Thank YOU to our coaches/mentors for all you do to support and motivate your students!! We wish you a very relaxing and healthy holiday season...

Our office will be closed the following days in observance of Christmas and the New Year.

  • Thursday, December 24th
  • Friday, December 25th
  • Thursday, December 30th
  • Friday, January 1st