World War One

We don't need this!


Countries grouped together to form super teams. These alliances were regarded as Triple Entente and Central Powers. As they battle, they wreak horror on the land and the innocent men who live there. Stop the war!
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Dulce Et Decorum Est (Poem)

Dear Jessie Pope, I agree with your poem that war is a horrible thing. People want to believe the war will bring honor to the people but the war is a disgusting mistake. The people were miserable, and the smallest mistake of forgetting to put on your gas mask can result in a horrific scene of a man floundering in blood. The use of poisonous gas to kill men is vile and the young boys wanting war to continue are misguided and need to be corrected.

Western Front

Trench warfare was cluttered with machine guns, poison gas, and barbed wire barriers that turned trenches into a killing zone. Germans lost 850 thousand men, French lost 700 thousand, and British lost 400 thousand men. Rats and lice infected the trenches, and the men who dwelled within them.
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Total Warfare

Before War World I, men had honor and would not kill innocent citizens. War World I was a different scene. Women and Children were killed and many were injured. The soldiers even used citizens as a route to win battles. The advancements in technology resulted in air raids which killed countless innocent people. The air raids used poisonous gasses, and bombs such as "The Big Birtha". Some statistics including 10 million deaths, 20 million injured, and places were completed demolished.

"fun" facts

- Italy lost 1 million men to gain 12 miles of territory.

- Australia sent 100,000s of troops for Britain. 180,000 died.

- 1917: USA joined the war

- All major powers had colonies for support besides Austria-Hungary

- Russia lost 9,000,000 men

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