While at work

Week # 4

8 hours in the workplace

Ha! Let's face it- we've just hit busy season... psssh there isn't anybody who is spending just 8 hours in this place of work.

But what we want to illustrate is that even though you are away from your home for a large part of the day, it is possible to remain on task, active and also to make healthy choices.

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Regardless of what your eating style is or what your choice of healthy is, staying on target involves preparation.

Start using those kick back lazy Sunday's as an opportunity to prep your food for the week (or if you are like me for three days).

If you implement a process like this it will allow you to

a: sleep in longer in the morning

b: save you some money

c: control how many calories you are eating

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Meet Fran

Fran has a sore bum from sitting all day long at her desk

First three people to tell me the answers to the questions below will receive a gift card


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What is the calorie burn per minute for people who are sitting down ?

At what degree should you adjust your seat so to decrease the level of stress being placed on your back?

What are two activities you could do in the office to break up your sitting period?

Send your answers to Fran @ fran.moberly@mcggroup.com