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Follow tech with better tech. Tell Dell. -Oatley

Its time to tell Dell what you need in order to see the world to learn

Lenovo vs tablets vs Macbook vs Dell

To be honest, Macbooks would be the best out of all of them. They all have their greatness and weaknesses. However, Macbooks are way too expensive, despite its convenience and robust preformance. The school and government will be assured to go bankrupt to supply 200 students per year with thousands of dollars per person within 3 years and is not capable without annual sweat and tears of fundraising millions of dollars. The best solution is to use Dell. Why? Dell is not too expensive, yet the quality is still great enough for school usage. Lenovo is a great company too, but too much of their laptops have broken down since their distribution by the Labour Government.

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Guaranteed to be of greatest quality for the best of learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Dell?

A: Please Read our explanation. Macbooks are too expensive, as we are going to have to buy them together as a school with limited Government funding, unlike private schools. Lenovo is good, but not as high in quality as Dells and many government distrubuted Lenovo laptops have broken down in the past. Gigabyte computers have being proven to be one of the worst hardware producers.

Q: I don't like Dell.

A: That's not a question. THats a statement.

Q: Do WE have to pay??

A: You pay via school fees including excursions and other annual payments, which is included in subject selection stuff.

Q: Is my internet blocked?

A: If the laptops are programmed by the DET, it wil be. It will most likely not be blocked, as the laptops are not from the government but from Menai itself via government fundings.