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We boast of an exclusive collection of apparels,jewellery,accessories,home decor & home furnishings.Our products are mostly of natural origin ranging from hand block printing to handloom weaves to the purest oils available.

Looking International With Desi Fusion Wear

Looking International With Desi Fusion Wear The desire of today’s youth to embrace international culture and yet remain a part of the Indian tradition has given rise to the trend of Desi fusion wear. Television and internet revolution brought about a change to our society and gave our youngsters access to a pool of information that was never available to the previous generations. Desi fusion wear is a result of the desire of a new generation to experiment with the best of both worlds, these youngsters are not afraid of breaking any set patterns, any traditions they think have become obsolete.

A new identity:

The Indian youth wants to break all the shackles, all the restraints dogmatism enforces. What’s wrong if you like to wear something that has the traditional look and yet is in trend with the latest styles? Kurtas for women are still a popular choice in India but a lot of youngsters prefer to wear kurtis over jeans, no dupattas for them, they are bold and truly beautiful in their own way. They want a new identity and nobody can stop them from achieving what they want.

Mixing the best of both cultures:

Indian ethnic wear has always enticed the world with its grace, its exuberance, its bright and lively colors. The western culture, on the other hand, offers great freedom, it symbolizes boldness and equality. Desi fusion wear tries to combine the best of the oriental and occidental cultures, it offers a mixture of grace and boldness, it offers a mixture of beauty and freedom. Today’s youngsters just love to try out Indian patterns and motifs on dresses of western silhouette or use Indian fabrics like raw silk in a crop top or a long skirt. So, you have the whole world in your feet, go out and experiment, you deserve to look beautiful!