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October Newsletter


October 17th-21st

Please take a minute and answer a couple of questions about the upcoming book fair. Click here to participate. Thank you for your input.

Pizza Hut

I will be delivering a "Book it!" packet to you October 3rd with a copy of calendars October through March. You are able to choose a different calendar and print it up if you so choose. Visit: http://teacherdashboard.bookitprogram.com/ You are also able to create an account and track your students' progress, if desired. Thank you for promoting reading.

Any questions, please just ask.

An author is coming! An author is coming!

David Biedrzycki

The author/illustrator to our 2016 Monarch winning book, Breaking News: Bear Alert, will be visiting our school on October 26th in the afternoon. More details to come. We will be selling his books after his visit. I will be sending a form out to each student that day. He will autograph each book and deliver them to us at a later date. Please help me get our students excited about this assembly.
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We did it!

Well, we did it. We made it through all that testing. Thank you to all you teachers that help encourage your students to try hard. They really did put forth effort. NWEA site allows you to work with your students to set goals for the winter and spring sessions of testing. We set goals to achieve them. Let's give our students something to reach for.

Great for Small Groups

Front Row is an educational site that allows the teacher to set assignments based on the students' reading level, as well as mathematical level. This is a free version and we also have the app on the iPads. Sign up, add your students' names and start. Students will first take an assessment pre test. Based on that assessment, Front Row will suggest a recommended level to assign each student, however, the teacher may change that as needed. This is a great task/center to add to your RTI/MTSS time. Work is individualized based on student needs.
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Book Flix

Username: fernwaypark

Password: bookflix

Pebble Go

Username: fernway

Password: 123

Online Encyclopedias

Grolier Online

Username: kirby140

Password: grolier

World Book Online

Username: kirby140

Password: worldbook