The War

A Story About The Worst War Ever

Chapter 1 The Start

There were minecraft vs terriaria vs roblox The Wonderful War! It all started at an explosion of minecrafts tnt. The war began! Everyone throwing everthing at every one! minecraft killing terriaria, terriaria killing roblox, roblox killing minecraft, It was madness!

Untill minecraft dafult skin steve can't take it anymore so stacked two gold blocks up on top of each other then he pot the inner herobrine totom piece there then he put on netherrack on top and lit it he spawned the legendary herobrine.

Chapter 2 Herobrine

Herobrine is in the ring he has his pickaxe, stick, blaze rod he ran owt of the base and fought! he killed millions of players of roblox team and the terriaria team, all hope seemed lost for both teams. untill terriaria summoned all off there over 50 boses! minecraft summoned the ender dragon and wither. It was a unfar battle so steve dounloaded

A mod for a lot more boses! then roblox fought minecraft steve, alex, and pig. it was a bloodly match. so the ender dragon and wither died but, herobrine was so angry he killed everyboss they had! even there strongest

Chapter 3 The minecrafts mods

Steve was done dounloading his mods then steve weant pro with one hit kill mod. he killed everyone in the terriaria team but, steve didn't make it in one piece. As he walk back in victory bloodly and hurt. the sky's went gray hes legs cannot hold him hes arms let go he closed his eyes and let him fall to the cold hard ground. the minecraft people ran for steve.

Steve was died. notch, herobrine, alex , and the rest did not know what to do, without steve they will not win. thats what they thought then herobrine ponited owt thats the terriaria did not kill steve. roblox did so they buried steve then they loaded up and they were going to get revenge on roblox.

Chapter 4 The Final Battle

So wean notch, herobrine, Alex, and the rest got there roblox was all ready, minecraft was even more ready. so the real war began! everyone shoting, punching, shoving, swinging, and slaying! Notch and herobrine took out plenty. Minecraft took victory, but then a whole roblox army came after them!

It was a 2 very powerful memes versus a large army of roblox characters so then they fought and fought until they were so weak they cannot fight no more ''Herobrine this came down to one thing!!'' said notch ''lets do it!!'' said herobrine

Chapter 5 The Legendary Heronotch

Then they got up and formed fusion! Into a bright white light, wean it dimmed it showed the legendary ruler of minecraft Heronotch! So he slayed every roblox guy one by one. Then Heronotch won! So they defusioned into there one self's again.

Then Notch revived everyone on the minecraft team. Then Lego and scribblenauts came and saw The Ultimate meme destroyer!! So notch and herobrine quickly revived every roblox and terraria person to fight the ultimate meme destroyer!

In the next book the ultimate battle UMD vs. scribblenauts, Lego, minecraft, roblox, and terraria. Think this was intense then you have seen nothing yet. Coming Soon!!!