East Timor

Rylee F, 3rd Period

About East Timor

The sweet land of East Timor is one great sight to see, this Island is full of mountains, beaches and culture! East Timor is beautiful, and has a very broad and proud culture that the people cherish. The tropical exotic theme makes you feel on vacation, the people of this island come with open arms. This Island is the place for you if you like to climb or you like history. In caves you may find historic paintings and in the mountains you will see beautiful plants. East Timor is located in the eastern area of Timor, this island is in the Indonesian archipelago between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

East Timor a land of Beauty

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Geography of East Timor

East Timor is slightly bigger then Connecticut, the island is located in the eastern area of Timor, this island is in the Indonesian archipelago between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. The climate in this general area is hot, humid and can be rainy and has it's dry seasons. But the weather is great for swimming and spending time at the beach. The terrain is mostly mountains. Some natural hazards of East Timor are floods, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis and tropical cyclones, but don't worry about this if you choose the good season to travel there you will get to see the beauty of the country.

The People of East Timor

The East Timorese are very generous and may even give you a colorful scarf as a sign of welcome, they are also very proud of there culture and won't be afraid of showing you it. The culture of East Timor is based off of different cultures like Portuguese, Roman Catholic and Malay, why is it based off of different cultures? Because East Timor has been ruled by many different places and those places left some of there culture behind.

Music: The roots of East Timorese music is from Indonesia and Portugal, these countries imported music like gamelan and fado. A very popular native dance performed by women who are welcoming men from war is called the likurai dance. You can see this native dance below. Timorese music is mostly about the independence movement. For example a band called "Dili All Stars" made a song that became a anthem in the year of 2000.

Food: The East Timorese love rice. No meal is complete unless there is rice, they eat rice at breakfast, lunch and dinner! Rice is usually eaten with vegetables, they simply boil or put oil on the veggies then serve them. To have meat, that's a luxury the cheaper it is the more is eaten. Fish is very popular in East Timor, but to keep up with protein they eat lots of eggs and tofu. Just like rice chili is added to lots of food, there food is spicy. The East Timorese don't usually buy sweets, this is probably why there bread is very sweet, but home made bread is non-sweet this type of bread is called paun. Some snacks are fried banana strips, nuts, rice and sweet bread and butter. Coffee is a big thing on the island because they make there own!

Appearance: The national dress of East Timor is the sarong which is worn by men and women, a sarong is a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around your waist. This skirt comes in many patterns and bright colors. They dress very neat and modest not showing much. Many people in East Timor are adapting to western clothes. Visitors are asked to follow the western dress code. Which is like pants, t-shirt, short pants, dresses, skirts and other modern clothing. Woman also wear tops kind of like they wear in Indonesia, they also wear skirts and different types of head gears. Women need to be very careful about what they wear in East Timor, be careful not to be very showy or you will be labeled.

Language: Tetum and Portuguese are the official languages but English and Indonesian is also spoken a lot, but there are many other languages that are spoken, some are developing and some are dying. Tetum can be understood mainly anywhere you are in East Timor. 50% of adults (15 and older) can not write and are uneducated.

Religion: Roman Catholic- 98% Muslim-1% Protestant-1%

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Likurai/Tebedai Suai Loro (Timor-Leste)

Top 10 Historical Events of East Timor

10. In 1515 Portuguese explorers founded East Timor for there king, coming for the rich spices, they ruled this island for the next 460 years.

9.In 1702 the island was renamed Portuguese Timor, Portugal mainly used the land to dump exile convicts.

8. In 1916 a formal boundary was made between the Dutch (the dutch once ruled West Timor) and the Portuguese side of Timor.

7. In the year of 1942 of February Japan claimed East Timor as there's.

6. Later in 1945 Portugal took back East Timor.

5. In 1974 East Timor was declared a democracy.

4. 1975 East Timor gained there independence.

3. In December of 1975 Indonesia attacked East Timor and they fought for only 6 hours, Jakarta declared the region the 27th Indonesian province. Over the next year 100,000 timorese were massacred by Indonesian troops.

2. Timorese kept fighting and Indonesia with drew in 1998.

1. East Timor joined the UN on September 27 2002

Government of East Timor

East Timor is a Democratic Republic, it has a parliamentary system of government, there is a president who is head of state and there is a prime minister who is the head of government. The legislature is a unicameral parliament and is made up of the National Assembly. Everyone over 18 has the right to vote, the president stays in office for 5 years total until reelection. Under constitution the president is a sign of independence and the guarantee of smooth sailing. The president is also in charge of all defense forces. The current president of East Timor is Taur Matan Ruak, he was born October 10 1956 (he is now 57) He was elected in 2012. The current Prime Minister is Xanana Gusmao, the first picture listed below is the president and the second picture is the Prime Minister.
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The charts above show East Timor's Exports, some major exports from East Timor are coffee, petroleum oils crude, and petroleum gases. Major trade partners are Japan, Nigeria, and Germany. The economy is performing very well. Bank Deposits grew by 10.5% in the first half of 2013.

Some imports are cars, transporting goods, refined petroleum oil, cement and cigars. There imports mainly come from Indonesia, Australia, China, Portugal, and Thailand. The private sector credit was 10.3% higher in June 2013. This gave them a new high of 165.6 million dollars.

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