Animal Guardians



The problem is that NISD is building schools rapidly.

Cause & effect

NISD Schools are being built and habitats are being destroyed . The snakes will go into are back yard and bite people also spread diseases . Racons are eating are trash and people get fines from there trash on the ground . Coyotes can get in your back yard and attack are pets . When you fish you are using snapping turtle bate and they will bite you .
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Where we put the animal shelter

NISD could Build an animal shelter and put the animals in the shelter by the Fort Worth zoo.

how we get the animals in the animal shelter .

NISD could put put food in a trailer and the animals will go in side the trailer and the driver will driver is going to shut the door and drive to the shelter.

Biulding the school and saving plants

NISD can build the schools tall so we can save some of the plants .

Schools that doesn't take up much space

Since the school that NISD could build is tall the plants are going to be able to thrive .
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1.Animals will thrive because of the animal shelter

2.we will get to have more schools

3. The coyotes won't be able to get to are pets


1.the coyotes are going to be able to get to are pets.

2.the animals could perish because they can go in the road and get ran over .

3. The animals can go in to restrurant and can hurt it's self or something else .

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