Friday Notes

April 15, 2022

Half Day Today - NO ASP - Silent Dismissal at 12pm

Happy Easter - Enjoy Break

We wish you and your family a blessed Easter! May we all join in the love of Christ's resurrection and His promise of eternal life.
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PK3 greening up the nature trail!

Last Day of School

We anticipate our last day of school for the 2021-2022 school year will be June 8 (1/2 day). Here's to using only one snow day this year!

2022-2023 School Calendar

Fill your planters & refresh your perennials!

BJAMS PTO is excited to announce the return of our annual Memorial Day Plant Fundraiser. All flowers and plants come from Claussen's Greenhouse and Perennial Farm, known for their high-quality, locally grown plants.

Information and order form packets were sent home with your youngest student yesterday (or today if he/she was absent yesterday).

Order forms and payment are due by Wednesday, May 11th. Return to Mrs. Morrison in the front office (K-8) or drop it off in the labeled bin in the Pre-K Wing.

Flowers and plants will be delivered and ready for pick-up by Friday, May 27th - just in time for Memorial Day weekend!

Please reach out to Janelle Germaine at with any questions.

Sneak Peek

This year's theme for our big art show is National Parks. Take a look at these papier mache creations in progress!

But what to wear?

This year's BASH is a lawn party, so we suggest Vermont casual. Think summer dress or a cute pantsuit, khakis with a polo or dress shirts for men. No heels or ties. It is a special occasion, but we still want to be able to move around and have a ton of fun!

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Countdown to BASH: Sponsor Spotlight!

GOLD SPONSOR- Twisted Sisters Bark and Brittle Co.- Rachael Grant (Amelia, 5th and Harry, 3rd) has been realizing her dream to create the world's best brittle and barks. Twisted Sisters Bark and Brittle offers 26 varieties of mouth-watering confections. Signature flavors include key lime white chocolate macadamia, bourbon bacon peanut, and orange blossom espresso. All of which make a tasty treat and addition to all of your holiday festivities. Think stocking stuffer, Secret Santa, Advent calendar, Easter basket, and more...

GOLD SPONSOR- Site Form Studio- Tom Hand (Griffin, 2nd and Abigail, PK4) is a Vermont State licensed landscape professional. Tom graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Massachusetts, he is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and the President of the Vermont Chapter of ASLA. Site Form Studio combines its understanding of people, place, and environment to craft resilient site-specific landscapes through creative design solutions that blend the user, architecture, and ecology.

GOLD SPONSOR- Vermont Dog Boarding and Behavior- Ian Grant (Amelia, 5th and Harry, 3rd) established his company in 2007. Since then, he has learned to evolve, to grow, and keep striving to achieve the best version of his professional self. This past February, Ian shifted his focus exclusively to the training aspect of the business. With over 14 years of experience, he has honed his canine sense: non-verbal communication paired with positive reinforcement techniques. Ian’s skills are highly sought by many making him one of Vermont's "go-to" dog trainers.

Nurse Notes

Spring is here!

Of course, in Vermont the calendar and the weather do not always agree! With variable conditions over the next few weeks in mind, here are a few safety tips to help ensure your family is able to enjoy all that early spring in Vermont has to offer!

Any weather event that has a degree of predictability such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, etc. Will typically be accompanied by a tiered warning system of:

· Watch – conditions are favorable for a weather emergency to occur.

· Warning – a weather emergency is occurring or is imminent.

These are especially important to take note of in the turbulent weather spring can bring, especially flash floods as rains commence and the last of the snowpacks melt. Flash floods can develop unexpectedly and quickly. If you find yourself in an area where a flash flood watch or warning has been announced, seek higher ground immediately, away from streams, creeks, and rivers.

A good idea for planning in advance is to have “go bags” ready that include extra medicines or copies of prescriptions that might be needed, along with copies of person-specific documents like ID, medical conditions/practitioner names, a change of clothing, and contact info.

In addition, it is suggested by emergency preparedness groups like FEMA and the Red Cross, to have a family communication plan set up, with an out-of-area designated contact who can gather and relay information within the family group if necessary, and practice getting kitty or pooch into and out of their travel carrier quickly.

Another concern regarding weather related emergencies and preparation is what to do when the power goes out and is expected to be out for any length of time. Being mindful that in severe enough circumstances, most or all retail outlets including gas stations, ATM’s and other services could be closed.

Unplug all electric devices, fill your bathtub with water for flushing and minor washing – not for drinking, that needs to be a separate supply. A hand can opener, flashlights/batteries, unscented candles, basic first aid supplies, water purification tablets, and extra medicines and no-cooking-needed foods to supply your family for at least three days are all recommendations. A full fridge/freezer will keep its temp for up to 72 hours if opening/closing is kept to a minimum. A half-full unit will keep its temp for about 24-48 hours.

Storm/emergency events can be stressful to everyone, especially children and pets, so try to keep comforts for your vulnerable household members in mind as you make your preparations – extra treats, a favorite book or blanket can go a long way towards maintaining a sense of normalcy and calm when things get a little more exciting than we would prefer.

Community News

Green Up Day 2022

Organizations, towns, families, and individuals, help raise awareness of substance misuse in our communities when you participate in Green Up Day 2022 on May 7. Organize a group and help us collect information about our region! Learn more on our website.

Coming Up Next

April 18-22 - April Break

April 30 - Uniform Swap

May 11 - Plant Fundraiser Order Deadline

Event Series:

April 26 - PK3-Gr 1 Spring concert, 8:20 am

April 28 - Gr 2-4 Spring concert, 8:20 am

May 20 - Gr 7/8 Social Club, 6 pm - 8 pm

June 3 - Gr 5/6 Social Club, 6 pm - 8 pm

June 6 - Gr 7/8 Coffee House, 6 pm - 8 pm

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