The '50s

Owen Long

Color Televsion

Color T.V. was introduced in 1951 and was a massive innovation for technology and the entertainment industry. It continued the media surge where it left of with the radio before the war.

DNA Discovered

DNA is the way that we become individuals, and how we are unique. This essential information helps us today to conduct research on the human body and to help advance the medical field.

Baby Boom

After the war, the average American mad 15 times more than the same European, so naturally, people had money to spend. And because of this surplus of income, families decided to have children. Millions of them.

Rosa Parks

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on that fateful day, she helped shape the beginning the beginning of the civil rights revolution in America.

Cigarettes and Cancer?

Much to everyone's surprise it was discovered that one of the leading industries in the world, tobacco, could be linked to certain types of cancer.


One of the key components in today's society is the microchip. Invented in the late 1950's, this then cutting edge tech changed the world.


One of the largest corporations of the world was founded in the '50s. With the high income and low unemployment rates, people wanted more options for food. And so, fast food was invented.

Rock -n- Roll

When the entertainment industry exploded, one of the most successful types of music ever was born. With the rise of Elvis Presley and others of his type, this was the largest trend since Jazz.