Personal attributes

Most valued by employers

Specific skills

Technical knowledge is valued by employers as a lot of the work done in today's world is on a computer or a system of sorts, it is good to have knowledge as you will not need training when you first begin work. Health and safety is good to have as you will not be endangering you or any of your colleges while at work. A good working attitude is also great to have as having a bad attitude towards work will eventually lead to a lack of work and/or getting fired

General attributes

In work having general attributes are important to an employer as they will set you aside to the other employees. Being able to plan the work the work that has to be done is important as you can plan the amount of time that it will take to do work. Organisational skills are important as it allows you to determine which equipment you will need as an employee, being able to manage files. Being able to manage your time as an employee is extremely important as you can determine the amount of time each piece of work will take. Being able to work in a team is extremely important as you will be working with other employees that may require you to work with to meet deadlines. Verbal and written communication skills are extremely important as you will need to communicate with your fellow employees to work with them efficiently, Being able to write to the IT help desks and other employees with emails is an important skill. Being creative is another good skill to have as you will be creating work for your employer.


Having a good attitude towards work will help during work as you have different roles to take at different times during work. Having leadership skills during work will help as sometimes you will need to lead your fellow employees during work to meet deadlines. Being confident and motivated to work will help you as you will be able to work faster and be happier during work, if you are not happy during work you will slowly decrease the quantity and quality of your work eventually leading to being fired or quitting. Being confident in your work will lead to better quality of work and lead to more quantity.

General communication skills

Being able to communicate to different audiences is another great skill to have as you may have to be on the phone who lack the amount of knowledge you have so being able to use different terminology will help you alot. Being able to use technological terms to engage a different audience will help as to not get the other member confused and intrigued. Using question and answer techniques will typically keep your audience engaged.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use day to day to communicate with other people, these are extremely useful to have as employers will typically look for people with strong interpersonal skills as these people will work better in a team and be able to communicate efficiently. With these skills you will be able to determine different factors such as body language, use of intuition and positive or negative language. These will all help you during work.

Communicate in writing

Being able to communicate in writing is a helpful tool to have as well as you will be writing in a plethora of different ways to people inside and outside of the company. You will be writing things such as emails, fax and letters. Making sure your grammar and spelling are correct as well as your relevance to the subject that you are talking about. Proofreading is also an extremely important attribute to make sure you have not made any errors in your writing.

Communication barriers

There is many different ways in which communication can be blocked or made ineffective. Background noise for example can be a huge block in communication, for example if there is a lot of noise in the office at the time. Ways in which you can block background noise is by making sure you, yourself are quiet unless attempting to communicate, being in a space in which nobody is around you also helps to reduce background noise. Distractions are also a communication barrier as they will stop you from communicating what so ever, to reduce distractions you should make sure you do not approach somebody if they look like they are busy as well as not getting distracted yourself by non-human interactions such as things on the internet which you should not be looking at. A lack of concentration will also act as a communication barrier because you cannot focus on the task at hand, leading to a lack of communication if you were attempting to communicate during the time that you have a lack of concentration