My Future

Ethan F

Left Brain Thinker

Although I use both the left and right side of my brain depending on the thought process necessary, I am most comfortable while using the Left side of my brain. That means that I am very scientific, logical, and a good planner. I agree with this because I am like this a lot at school and at home.

My Personality Type

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These letters tell me that I am "Action-oriented, logical, analytical, spontaneous, reserved, independent. Enjoy adventure, skilled at underrstanding how mechanical things work." I agree with this because I am very adventurous and I enjoy understanding how mechanical things work. I am also reserved and independent.

My 4 Colors

#1 Blue

I have a blue personality type. Being blue means I am independent, and I like to figure things out by myself. I am great at analyzing situations, and I like to know alot. All of these makes me an effective problem solver. I make friends with people who i find interesting, and I enjoy intellectual conversations. I like to spend time by myself, thinking and learning new things. I really enjoy when my family relies on me to solve problems, share my knowledge and new ideas, and invent new things.

Motivation, Stress, and Teamwork

My Top 3 Career Choices

What not to do in a job Interview...

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I am an ambivert, which I remember changed since the last time I did this test. An ambivert is someone who likes to hang out with their friends, but also likes to spend time by theirselves.


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Budgeting My Life

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My Job That Fits My Budget

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Top College Choice (University of Arkansas)

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#1 University of Arkansas

City: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Public or Private: Public

Enrollment size: 25,000 students

Total per year: $20,000 per year

High School Plans

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Saturday, May 23rd 2020 at 3:30pm

Bentonville, AR, United States

Bentonville, AR



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"Action is the foundational key to all success"