by jenny hoyt

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment or also known as age of reason was a big event that impacted humanity in a huge way, it was during the beginning of the 18th century or the middle of the 17th century. During this time new innovations of ideas and living styles erupted. Many people began to think differently about the way they lived and the way the government was treated and how the government treated them.

How did enlightenment begin?

Enlightenment was thought to begin by scientist who were using reason to discover the laws of nature. Scientist were becoming more and more successful with their inventions such as the way planets move, chemistry and they were also becoming more successful with cures for sicknesses such as smallpox.

What were some of the major ideas of enlightenment?

During this time period, people thought that all problems that had to deal with economy, politics, and social problem could be solved through use of reason. They believed that governments was created so that their would be a control society or community. They believed that all men were born free and that they were all equal. Separating all the power would help protect the public's human rights. They also believed that all free markets should be able to have a regular trade.

Who was John Locke?

John Locke was a man that supported enlightenment, he believed all men were born moral and with natural rights. He believed that people should be able to create their own government so that their natural rights would be protected. He believed that the best government was the one with limited power, the one with separated power. He also believed that the people had the right to overthrow the government if it abused its power and rights.

Who was Thomas Hobbes?

Thomas Hobbes was a man who was against enlightenment, he believed all men were naturally cruel and selfish, he thought they didn't deserve a lot of rights. He believed that 1 government that had tons of power would be the only safe way to make sure the society stayed under control. He believed that the government with all the power and rights was better than separated governments with limited power was the best. He believed in absolute monarchy, he thought this type of government would be the only way to secure an orderly society.

What was the Laissez-Faire?

The Laissez-Faire was a law that let all businesses operate without any government regulations and rules. All stores would be allowed to run on an equal basis as most of the other stores.