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By: Noah Feldman

CATER TONIGHT: Interview with Daisy Carpenter from The Candymakers

Good evening America! This is Dave Cater on Cater Tonight. Today I’m here with the amazing, stealth, spy, Daisy Carpenter. Let’s get right into it.

DAVE: So, Daisy

DAISY: Yes Dave?

DAVE: How would you summarize your chapter?

DAISY: Well, I am a spy and I am trying to steal the secret ingredient in the Candymaker’s chocolate. As you may already know, I also have a little crush on Logan.

DAVE: Drama! Okay thanks, next question. What would you predict if Logan was your brother and he accompanied you on your mission?

DAISY: Well, I would probably not be very fond of him because you know how older brothers are. Brothers can be very impatient and he would just get in the way.

DAVE: I feel you. I have a little brother and he is just the worst. But enough about me, how is Logan related to the Candymaker and do you think he is going to win the contest?

DAISY: He is his son so I would think he would choose favorites which I don’t think are fair.

DAVE: My thoughts exactly! So, why do you think your parents are better spies than you?

DAISY: My parents have more experience being spies.

DAVE: What judgment could be made about them?

DAISY: Well they are on a dangerous mission and I’m not even aloud to know where they are or if I can help them. They have been gone for a couple weeks now and I’m getting worried.

DAVE: I hope they return safely. What evidence supports that Phillip is also trying to steal the secret formula?

DAISY: I overheard Phillip saying he wants to win the contest for himself but I do not know why he would put the candy factory in peril.

DAVE: Last question, why did you enter the contest as a 13-year-old?

DAISY: This I am very disappointed of. My parents, when I was turning 3, missed my birthday and I forgot about it so we celebrated it when I should've been turning 4. I found out last year and I was very mad at my parents.

DAVE: Well, I heard it and you watched it.

You have been watching Cater Tonight. Good night America! Signing out.

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