FDR New Deal Project

By: Jeremiah and Desmond

Fire Emergency Relief Administration

Gave loans to states to operate relief programs creating unskilled jobs for un-employment. It was successful for a limited time then was shut down.

Its the Second deal, and lasted from 1933-1942.


Civilian Conservation Corps.

Franklin Roosevelt New second Deal, and was in 1933-1942.

Gave jobs to theunemployed and it was succesful to the men that worked with it.

thy were given better lives.

Works Progress Administration

Second Deal, made in 1939.


Built parts for cities and made jobs for multiple groups of people.

Civil Works Administration

it was a part of the second Deal.

and it gave Manual labor jobs to the people in their benefit and they got payed for doin some work temporary, it was unsuccessful bc the men who worked did not have a steady income and the used too much of what they earned and made their situations worse.