Spring In Kerala



This season arrives during different parts of the year in the North and South of the world. Places, which are situated in the north experience the spring season from March to May while in the southern part of the world, September to November is the springtime.

Kerala Music

Like the rest of South India, Kerala's classical music is essentially Carnatic, raga - taal based music. Music is an integral part of the every day life. There are the traditional folk songs for occasions such as marriages and childbirth and also the devotional songs . A number of musical instruments including wind and string instruments, percussions are played and practiced in Kerala.




A delectable cuisine, unique to the region which involves the locally available ingredients such as coconuts, seafood, rice etc.

On special occasions , they have sadya which includes rice, curries pappad etc


Kerala is the land of high festivities and cheer. A number of Festival like Onam, Vishu and Thiruvathirai are celebrated. They are usually marked by family get together, cheer and festivity.

Onam is a festival of flowers, a spring festival. It falls on day in the month of August-September. During this period the harvest are over and the farmers will be in a festive mood with their granaries full. Onam has a legend attached to it.

a beautiful onam song

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