Top 10 technology rules for parents

By: Samreet


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Don't text or call and drive. Please drive safe it will help you and others. If you do not, you could really hurt yourself or someone else


Don't click on random things that pop up on technology. The things can give your device a virus and wreck it. If you get a virus, someone can hack or access your personal info


Don't share private info. People can hack into your private stuff like, credit card info, documents, etc. This can lead to identity theft


Be cautious of what you post on social media networks. This is important because it could start an argument or bullying about you and you could get into the stage of depression


Don't go on illegal websites. It can lead to being arrested or time in jail.

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Put privacy on all your social media accounts. let only your friends and family access your personal info. If you don't have privacy a stranger can access your personal info.


Don't give passwords to anyone on the internet. If you do someone can hack your account and info and they can blackmail or sabotage you.


Never add or follow a stranger, because if you have private info they will be able to see it.


Do not have food or water around technology. You can spill it on the technology and can have an electrical shortage.


Do not spend to much time on technology. If you do it can wreck or damage your eyesight and you will need glasses.

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Don't Text and Drive