A few to rule us all!


Do you think that an Oligarchy is a good form of government? Do you think that a whole country should be ruled by only a few people? An Oligarchy is a bad form of government!


In an Oligarchy there is a small group of people to rule them all. Every citizen should have rights and freedom. Also, in an Oligarchy, citizens are not allowed to vote. The small group that rules makes every decision for them. People should be able to pick what they want and what they think is best for them.

The Leader

The way that they select or choose who rules them is wrong. They don't choose their rulers based upon intelligence, capabilities and experience, they select them just because of their heir or how rich they are.


The small group that rules gets together, makes a decision on what they want to be changed, and then they use their power to make that law happen. Is this fair?

Countries with Oligarchy



-North Korea



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