Monday Morning Bearcub Brief

Volume LXII-- 16 April 2018

"Every CUB stepping up, reaching out, moving forward!"

Kleb Kudos

Thanks to all of you who made last week's testing run round down and one to go! To teachers for all that you do to prepare our Bearcubs; not just for state mandated testing, but for life! To parents for making sure kids are here and ready. We had the highest attendance percentage for testing we have ever had! Of course thank you to all of our Bearcubs for doing their best! A special thanks to Mr. Raleigh and his team of volunteers for going above and beyond to make sure the whole testing ran smoothly!
My first kudos of the week goes to the 600+ students that were invited to the Report Card Party for the third quarter. It is always exciting to see so many of our Bearcubs participating in the event. A special shout out to the staff that helped out with the party, the event wouldn't have been successful without you. Great job, Bearcubs!
Another huge shout out goes to the students that participated in the Jr. Vase competition held at Kleb Intermediate last weekend! Our student's showcased their art talents and did a fantastic job presenting to the judges. An additional kudos goes to our art teachers, who put in many long hours helping our students prepare for the competition. Well done, everyone!
My third kudos this week goes to Ms. Morgan and all of the work she has put into planning field trips for her PATH classes. The 8th grade PATH students recently visited Texas A&M and the 7th grade PATH students invaded U of H this past Friday. The students had a great time and really enjoyed getting to hear about all of the opportunities the colleges offer. Thank you, Ms. Morgan!
My final kudo goes to the Ms. Kati Layton. Kati devotes additional effort to creating high expectations for those students that struggle to follow her classroom rules and expectations. Kati has started to assign her own consequences to students when they misbehave but also provides them with a choice. This could include a writing assignment outlining what they did, why they did it, and what they would do if they were to be in a similar situation again, lunch detention in Ms. Layton's classroom, or after school detention where the student will receive one on one instruction with her. Want to know more? Go visit with Ms. Layton to find out more.

Cubs of the Week

Super Teacher of the Week--John Perry

Coach Perry always goes above and beyond for our students. He always takes the time to check on our kids, and works with them both inside the classroom and outside!

--From Emily Seltz

Huggins Highlights

Take a minute to look at the running list of important dates located below the Week at a Glance...there are a ton of events that all occur at the end of the year, so I created a list of events that effect most of you.

Note that we will have a Faculty meeting both this Wednesday and the following! This week's meeting will focus on answering questions on budget related issues that Dr. Champion has been releasing in his 90 Second news. The faculty meeting on the 25th will be about summer PD and all things end of the year!

Finally, speaking of the end of the year, teachers be on the lookout for a meeting request for summative conferences over the next several days. As an admin team, we are planning on completing the evaluation process by the time the second round of STAAR begins.

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Notable Dates...To the End of the Year!

4/16--School Supply Preorders begin! (There will be NO school supplies sold at the 18-19 New Student Orientation/School Supply Pickup!!!)

4/18--April Staff Meeting

4/20--End of progress report #7 cycle

4/21--STAAR Saturday

4/23--Grades pull for progress report #7, 11:59pm

4/25--May Staff Meeting (in April?!?)

4/26--NJHS Induction Ceremony

4/28--STAAR Saturday

4/30--STAAR 8th Grade Math/Reading score report date

5/5--STAAR Saturday

5/7--Teacher Appreciation week begins

5/9--EOC Alg 1 Exam

5/11--8th Grade Dance ***(This event is absolutely in NO WAY affiliated with Kleb or Kleb PTO, but is organized by 8th grade parents...but I'm sure your kiddos will be talking about it, so fyi...)

5/14--STAAR 6/7 math, 8th retest

5/15--STAAR 6/7 reading, 8th retest

5/16--STAAR 8th Science

5/17--STAAR 8th Social Studies

5/21--Textbook collection day

5/21--8th Grade Awards (evening)

5/22--6th/7th Grade Awards (during school)

5/25--Chromebook Pickup Day (VERY tentative!!!)

5/28--Memorial Day Holiday

5/29--Final grade pull for Quarter 4

5/30--Fun Day Celebration

5/31--Early Release Day, 8th Grade party



Please fill out this survey to help us further our efforts in supporting Kleb Intermediate.


Teacher Appreciation week is May 7-11. You can sponsor your favorite teacher's lunch for May 9th! You can download the flyer below or bring $10 to the front office and fill out the form there.

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Staff Spotlight--Casey Golden-- Coach

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"A coach (teacher) will impact more young people in a year, than the average person does in a lifetime." -Billy Graham

Where are you from?

Originally, Abilene, Texas by way of Coppell, TX

Where did you go to school?

University of North Texas

How many years have you been in education?


What is your proudest accomplishment?

My two amazing boys

Who is your hero and why?

My mom, her strength is amazing and she always sees the best in people and has a positive attitude

STAAR Crash Course--How are we rated and why should I care about the changes?

To answer the second question first...I know school accountability is a polarizing topic and personally, I don't think any test defines us. As I say often, data does not tell us who we are, it simply tells us where we are. But that being said, we live in the reality where STAAR is part of the way the state judges how we are doing and we want to put our best foot forward, even if it is just because we want everyone to know how awesome our Bearcubs are!

So on to the second part: how are we rated? There are three domains that we receive a rating on: Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing The Gaps

At the middle school level, the student achievement rating is based on our performance as a school on the STAAR test. Previously, the biggest concern was whether or not students passed. In the new system, our rating is based on the percent of students who "approach grade level" (this is the "passing" mark) or above, the percent who "meets grade level" or above, and the percent who "master grade level". So it is important now more than ever that EVERY bearcub does their best!

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The School Progress domain has two different components. The first has to do with measuring student growth. Each student's performance is compared to prior years and are awarded points based on whether or not they maintain or exceed expected growth. The collective score for all kiddos is then compared to the total possible points we could have had.
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The second half of the school progress comparison is a relative comparison of our campus scores with other campuses with similar student demographics to ours.

The last domain on which we are rated is Closing the Gaps. In this domain, every single student demographic in every single core subject area for STAAR, the English Language proficiency assessment results and college and career readiness results are compared against a cut score percentage determined by the state. Our rating is then assigned based on the total number of target scores we hit.

In a nutshell, that's how the new accountability system established by TEA works! Want to learn more? Go to and check out the A-F accountability resources!

Attendance Counts

Any student who is absent for the whole day is required to produce one of the following within 5 days of their absence(s):

  • Parent Note
  • Parent email (within 5 days of absence)
  • Original medical note (copies or altered notes will not be accepted)
  • Faxed notes must be sent from physician’s office
  • Court note
  • Official note for observance of approved religious holy days

***If a student is absent for part of the day for a doctor appointment, their absence will be coded as Section 25 (temporary absence) if the student follows the following procedure: The student must return the doctor excuse to the Attendance Office immediately upon returning to school to receive the Section 25 coding for their absence.

If a student does not produce one of the items listed above within the allotted timeframe, that absence will be considered unexcused and counted toward their total semester absences.

Klein ISD takes attendance very seriously, and we want to see your child succeed at Kleb. If you have any questions regarding attendance, please feel free to contact the attendance office or your assistant principal.

Additional attendance information can be found starting on page 27 of the handbook.

Attendance Information in the Klein Handbook

Next Year's School Calendar

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Have a great week, Bearcubs!

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