What's Kickin' in Kindergarten

April 27-May 1

Unit 8-Wonders of Nature-Plants and Animals

Reading: Students will explain that living things have offspring based on the organism’s physical similarities and differences, understand that all plants and animals have structures that perform specific functions, and they will be able to understand the connection between two ideas or pieces of information in a text.

*Phonics-Review the vowels!

Vocabulary: living and nonliving

Sight Word: review all 4th quarter sight words

where, when, how, came, there, your, friend, want, were, some, boy, girl, now, why, that

*Reading strategy: Flip the Vowel. If the vowel you are using doesn't sound right, flip it and use the other sound it makes!

Thank You!!!

The Kindergarten Teachers would like to thank all the Volunteers that helped out on the Field Trip to the Zoo!!! The kiddos had so much fun!!! Thank you!!

Here are some Zoo Cams some of the classes have been checking in on!



If you scroll to the bottom of the Panda cam, there are several other cams that the San Diego Zoo has available. The kids have just loved looking in on our new friends!! The orangutans have a baby you can see!

Math-Topic 16: Analyzing, Comparing, and Composing Shapes

Students will be able to identify and tell how shapes can be named, described, compared, and composed. Students will sort shapes in groups to determine what shapes should go together and be able to explain why.

Specials Schedule:

Monday-A Day

Tuesday-B Day

Wednesday-C Day

Thursday-A Day

Friday-B Day

Important Dates:

April 30 TJ's Pizza Pick Up

May 2 Fairmount Falcon 5K

May 15-Field Day

May 20-Step Up Day

May 21-LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Early Release

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It's TJ's Pizza Pick Up Time!!!

When: Thursday April 30th

Time: 4:30pm-6:00pm

Where: Fairmount Elementary