Sunset P-TECH Bison News

November Edition


Mr. Spencer-P-TECH Principal

It's quite simple for me, I am thankful for my family, my team/staff and my students.


Ms. Robison-P-TECH Coordinator

I am thankful for an opportunity to make a difference. I love when I'm able to be creative and create opportunities that can change a young person's life. I'm thankful for being surrounded by such smart people who I can learn and grown from. I want to offer them something I did not have or did not have the forsight to know how to obtain. I'm thankful to be a part of a AMAZING TEAM.
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College Acceptance

Our seniors have been busy applying for college and scholarships. We have had a host of students accepted to colleges and we just want to take a moment and highlight their accomplisments:

  • Ishshah Garcia was accepted to Dallas Baptish University, she was awarded the Christian Service Scholarship ($3,000) and the Patriot Award ($4,000).
  • Miranda Coleman was accepted to The University of Texas in Austin
  • Gissell Lopez was accepted to University of Dallas
  • Dakota Bice will be going to the Army
  • Celsie Hernandez was accepted to University of Texas at Arlington
  • Celsie Hernandez was accepted to University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
  • Abigail Hernandez was accepted to Southern Adventist University


Recruitment Season

Recruiting season has officially kicked off. We began the process on November 7th and kicked off our recruitment with Discover Dallas on November 14th. Due to CDC restrictions, Discover Dallas was completely virtual. We were able to to Zoom with parents and students deciding their next steps. We were also invited to attend high school nights at DESA and Greiner as well. It has really stretched our technical and creative skills as we have worked to think of how we can creatively reach families in the community. We joined forces with our students to create our new recruitment video. Remember the application to apply is open until January 31st. Apply here:
Sunset P TECH Recruitment Video

Media Opportunity with Parkland/Univision

Our public health students were invited to participate in a project with Parkland Hospital and Univision. Parkland and Univision are industry partners with Pinkston P-TECH but due to the subject they invited our students to create a 30 second to 1 minute video on staying safe during the holidays with COVID-19. The students met on November 18th and was expected to submit their video by December 2nd. The students exemplified true commitment by working during the Thanksgiving holiday to complete the project. We want to say thank you to Parkland Hospital and Univision for this workplace challenge to support our public health pathway. The following students participated in this project:


Johnathan Silva

Leo Martinez

Mariano Garcia

Leslie Nunez

Yanira Hernandez

Alexis Rodriguez

Jacob Briseno

Annahi Donjuan

Leslie Godinez

Vidhi Dhohi

Heidi Esquivel


Miranda Coleman

Stephanie Treto

Juana Salas

Celsie Hernandez

Ishshah Garcia

Mario Garcia

Thank you for your dedication and commitment!!

Sunset P-TECH Public Health Challenge

Resume Workshop with the Seniors

As our seniors are nearing the end of their journey, our focus has been to prepare them for the real world. That always begins with a well prepared resume. Our students began building their resumes their freshman year in the MAPS course. Each year, the Workplace Learning Coordinator helps them to update their resumes to reflect their current accomplishments. On November 10th and 13th, the Workplace Learning Coordinator assisted the students in updating their resumes to prepare for internship and scholarship opportunities.

Interviews 101 Workshop

Mr. Justin Bryant and Eric Carrizales graciously volunteered to create and deliver a Interviews 101 workshop to our freshman. We have been conducting a series of workshops to our freshman to build their workplace tool kit. They created their first resume early in the semester. Experts from Children's Health and Dallas ISD HCM returned to give them feedback on their resumes so they could make the necessary changes to their resumes. On November 16th and 17th, we hosted the Interviews 101 Workshop with our freshman where they learned the ettiquette of interviewing for any position. The focus of the workshop was giving students the formula for what to do before, during and after the interview. When we return from Christmas holidays the freshman will participate in what we call Fake Mock Interviews, which they will interview with teachers from the building and receive feedback to prepare for their Mock Interviews later in the semester.


Internships are an important part of the program. Internships provide students with opportunities to develop and practice their newly learned technical skills in a real-world setting. Internships are a key part of building career-readiness. We now have our first opportunities available to our juniors and seniors. IBM, the first Industry Partner for the first P-TECH program, has extended their internship opportunities for an P-TECH student in the program has completed their third year (by the end of the year), has a 2.6 combined GPA and has a desire to expand their skills and gain experience. The juniors and seniors have been presented this information. They are expected to attend a series of workshops, complete the Open P-TECH Professional Skills badge and commit to preparing for this opportunity. If you or your child are interested please complete the interest form below.
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Our UNT Dallas seniors have an amazing high-paying opportunity to intern at a Fortune 500 company this summer. The seniors was presented this information at the end of November. They were also invited to attend a Thomson Reuters Information Session to learn more about the internship. Below are the requirements to take part of this internship. The students will participate in a series of workshops after Christmas Break to help prepare them for the application process as well as the internship. If you have any questions concerning this opportunity please contact Ms. Robison, Sunset P-TECH Workplace Learning Coordinator at or 972-502-1614.
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Thomson Reuters Internship Opportunity